Modern social networks are meaningless. Well, that's what they bring in useful? Nothing, just take away the precious time of users, which is already lacking in much. Do you want to spend time in a social network, and with great benefit? I think the majority will answer in the affirmative. And it probably will happen in the near future, since a revolutionary product may appear on the market.
ARROUND is a social network of the future, which revolutionizes the very concept of a social network. Its main difference is the application of Augmented Reality (AR) technology. The creators of the project were able to realize many opportunities for human beings. Take at least a catalog of mobile applications. This market will be useful to both users and developers who will lay out their own developments in this market.
For advertisers, the ARROUND platform is like an impeccable field. Attracting new users to the platform, they not only increase the chance of acquiring their products, but also immerse newcomers into the fascinating world of useful things. In general, the ARROUND platform is a combination of three components of the modern market: the producer, the advertiser and the consumer.
By pointing the smartphone screen to the store's sign, you will be aware of all the promotions and discounts that it holds.
Media Content
Keep your memories in augmented reality. So, each participant of the ARROUND platform can save a photo, video or simply a record tied to a specific place. At his request, other people can view the content.
Do you want to share something interesting? Share. Everyone who passes near you can view your offer. Of course, if it meets his needs.
Being in a certain place, with the help of augmented reality, you can see who visited this place before you. In addition, all events that occurred here in the past will be available to you.
Have you lost something, or do you need to find something? For example, a cake "Napoleon"? Having formed such a request, passing along the street, if there is a trade point with cakes nearby, you will receive a notification of the find.
Fighting crime
Have you witnessed the incident? Take it to the camera or write news about it. Warn the public, it will be your duty.
The ARROUND platform allows you to search for friends by interests. Meet, socialize and rejoice in new friends.
The creators of the ARROUND project call on future project participants to share their emotions, photos, videos and other content so that in the future the new generation could see what was before them. Building our future together.
ARROUND Partners
Naturally, it was impossible not to single out the partners of the project. Among them there are very famous brands, such as the automobile giant Scania, the Campari Group and many others. Over time, the number of partners will only increase.
ARR-token is the official currency of the ARROUND project. Her users will pay for services, and buy digital goods. The Token is based on the Ethereum network. A total of 3 billion tokens will be issued.

The beginning of the sale of ARROUND project tokens will start on September 15 and last for a month. Softcap is equal to 5 million dollars, Hardcap - 30 million dollars. The cost of 1 ARR is 0.035 $.
2016 - the idea of ​​creating a platform;
Correcting the idea after consulting with market experts.
2017 - preparation of project technical documentation;
The signed agreement with the first major partner;
Investments in the development of MVP.
2018 - mobile app (Android and iOS);
Launching advertising campaigns for project partners;
Output of the alpha version of the project;
Filling the platform with content;
Attraction of users to the platform.
2019 - platform integration with augmented reality devices;
Launching advertising campaigns of partners in Europe;
Involvement of advertising agencies in the project;
Creating a designer for interactive advertising in augmented reality.
2020 - sale of advertising platforms on the platform;
Creating your own SDK;
Involvement of developers;
Platform exit on the Asian market;
Launch an alpha version of the platform for US residents.

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