What is ARROUND Project?

What is ARROUND Project?
ARROUND is a decentralized augmented reality (AR) platform with a mission to give anyone the ability to experience the world in AR, and provide a place for developers to realize the potential of their applications.

ARROUND uses blockchain and augmented reality to build an ecosystem consisting of four integrated elements: a disruptive universal advertising network, an augmented reality marketplace, a social platform, and the next generation AR map that will create a backbone for AR projects around the world. ARROUND offers a disruptive and fully functional AR social platform available for iOS and Android, which will also be ported to consumer smartglasses. ARROUND offers a new and engaging way for advertisers, brands and organizations to reach their audience in a way that both delights them and informs them. AR developers have little opportunity to reach the consumer market The use of blockchain ensures IP rights and the AR Store provides a staging area to test new products and services, which ultimate contributes to the development of the social network.

ARROUND Problem:
The promoting market is oversaturated. Conventional media channels are losing their contact with target groups of onlookers. The promoting business needs to open new publicizing organizations, spaces and methods.There is an absence of genuinely intriguing substance to make the clients get to the framework on an every day basis.There is no interest for AR content.

ARROUND Solutions:
ARROUND increased reality gives another computerized condition and another space for publicizing and interchanges, including new marking chances. In reality, there is no place for publicizing announcements, however there is all that could possibly be needed space for that in Arround.io increased reality. Around will give the required digital system that will enable sponsors to address their intended interest group and make one of a kind advertising messages for every client in view of their social and statistic factors, and additionally their client profile and interests. An is an Arround open data space that will be bit by bit loaded up with content; it is where clients can impart, make their own particular substance and offer it. Around offers free access to every one of its highlights for all clients. Arround associate engineers with sponsors who will pay for their substance. Around inhabitants will have a chance to make and adapt their own particular AR ventures utilizing a constructor (like WordPress and YouTube). Because of ARROUND's tools, anybody can create and include their expanded reality protest.

ARROUND Features:
ARROUND is developing a blockchain platform consisting of four integrated elements: a disruptive universal advertising network, an augmented reality marketplace, a social platform, and the next generation AR map that will create a backbone for AR projects around the world.

Established partnerships with global brands
Token plays vital role in fuelling business model
AR market growing at breakneck speed (65% CAR)
MVP available on iOS & Android
Innovative and comprehensive product
Experienced team with excellent track record
What is ARROUND’s stand out feature?
ARROUND’s advertising solution is a game changer. It brings consumers, offline retailers and big data together for the first time, extending the effectiveness of mobile ads directly to the point of sale. Through the integration of our crowd-sourced AR Map, high street stores finally have access to the same digital marketing tools that e-merchants have been using for years. Bricks and mortar stores will be able to attract customers directly to products within their shops, based on socio-demographic and interest based targeting techniques.

Neil Bryant Russell, CEO. He’s a seasoned internet startup manager, former CEO at Badoo.com and a graduate of UEA.

Evgeny Dobrovolsky, Founder & Chief Business Development Officer. He’s a serial entrepreneur in technology, a co-founder of Intalev, and the founder and CEO of Vladimir Textiles Holdings.

Artem Haritonov, Chief Technology Officer. He’s a leading app developer and blockchain specialist in Russia and a graduate of SPb SUT.

Arkady Yasashniy, Chief Financial Officer. He’s a renowned financial expert from Russia, a former National Standard Bank’s Head of Corporate Banking and the former VTB’s Managing Director.

Other key team members and advisors include Andrey Molchanov (Chief Strategic Planning Officer), Alexander Sokolov (Chief Software Architect), Dmitry Livshin (Technology Consultant}, Konstantin Negachev(Augmented Reality Consultant), Kate Bublik (Marketing Expert), Kira Gurleva (SMM & PR Manager), Temur Shakaya (founder and Strategic Partnerships Advisor) and Nathan Christian (ICO Advisor) among others.


Token Sales Detail:

Token Sale Date: ICO: Starts: 15th September 2018. Ends: 15th November 2018.

Token: ARR

Price: 1 ARR = 0,035 USD

Bounty: Available

MVP/Prototype: Available

Platform: Ethereum

Accepting: ETH, BTC, LTC, BCH, Dash

Soft cap: 5,000,000 USD

Hard cap: 30,000,000 USD

Country: Belize

Whitelist/KYC: None

Restricted areas: No

For more information:

Website: https://arround.io/

Whitepaper: https://arround.io/content/file/arround-whitepaper-en.pdf

Ann thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3014006.0

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ArroundPlatform

Channel: https://t.me/arround_channel

Telegram: https://t.me/ArroundSupport

Author: tinhkhuat

Bitcointalk Profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1885373

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