Augmented reality can radically make a difference in the way we watch the world more or less we and ARROUND lead the race into this brave new world with blockchain.

We provide the world with a captivating new digital environment to explore, where millions of people will be able to cause and share their own AR experience. Advertisers will have new ways to engage customers through the use of creative campaigns in augmented reality, and high-street retail outlets are able to use the power of large knowledge and targeted campaigns for the first time in history.

ARROUND has received support from a large number of global partners who will support pushing our solutions to the mass market, and giving us the opportunity to fully commercialize our unique offerings.

ARROUND Platform


The server holder and ARROUND blockchain server to put and process visual content


Users will be able to get information about promotional offers and where they occur through ARROUND

Brands and Advertisers

Brands and advertisers will be able to take advantage of ARROUND as a platform, which in turn utilizes large data to direct them to the best audience within walking distance

Advertising agency

Advertising agencies and advertising agencies and freelancers will be able to offer brand content development using platform tools, and content platforms including providing tools for producers and organizers of immediate events and missions in augmented reality.

Project Structure

Cellular Application

Users gain access to a dynamic new digital world that is enhanced by augmented reality where they are able to share and find messages and create content for other users, plus gaining specific offers from advertisers


Servers are used to put and produce rounds and distribute and load data to locations. This is also used to protect user profiles and other internal info needed to manage the platform

Advertising Portal

Comprehensive power source for designing ad rounds and managing ad campaigns on the ARROUND platform

Blockchain server

It bears the ownership of funds in the user's electronic wallet platform, and ensures all intellectual property rights are distributed and sold on the platform. This also adjusts the right to long-term leases from the AR-environment parts in ARROUND



The initial idea to impact the communication platform was based on augmented reality

Inspiration and feedback presentations

Optimization of the project business concept


Technical specifications come from the project

First partner, AVE is the largest pharmaceutical network mobilization in Russia

Investment into the development of MVP


Launch the mobile app on iOS and Android Launch an advertising campaign with new partners, 36.6 and the Atrium shopping center.

Release the alpha version, prepare the platform with content and open the door for targeted users



Port ARROUND to ODG Augmented Reality Glasses and Microsoft HoloLens

Involve advertising agencies on the platform

Запуск рекламных компаний с крупными аптечными сетями в Европе

Develop a stand-alone service module for advertising agencies to build their own AR content



The first auction on the secondary market for the sale of advertising areas inside the platform

Launching SDK, attracts third-party developers to the platform

Launch of a pilot project with internal partners

US expansion into new markets: China, Japan, Korea, Europe

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