Cycle with me to the 'Van Gogh Path'

I found a new way to get around these days. I was in the fortunate position use an E-bike for the last couple of days. An E-bike is a sort of electrical bike that will let you do your normal cycling, but a electrical battery will support your actions. That will make cycling a lot easier and less heavy.

Isnt this only for old people, Karin?

Yeah maybe it was a bit, but damn I like it. We all grew up in Holland using a bicycle as a form of main transportation. Use it in a way to get from A to B with getting your daily exersize AND it is good for the environment. That does not mean its always that nice. Holland is windy and that makes cycling sometimes very, very tedious!

This E-bike made it like heaven! You do what you got to do and do it in a nice speed.


So I was going for a big fat lap the other day. The weather was beautiful and I felt like putting a 30 kilometer on this bike. I was visiting some friends and also decided to get me some van Gogh art.

In the small town of Nuenen the famous painter Vincent van Gogh spent some of his darker days. Nuenen decided to exploit this fact by calling themselves the van Gogh village. A little bit of an exaggeration if you ask me, but who cares ;)


One of the things getting to Nuenen is that it is actually in a beautiful environment, and that is maybe a lot cooler to see even than the whole village itself. Cycling in nice nature is so calming and at this moment everyting is so green that that is a treat on itself.

Going next to water and nice trees just makes my day. I guess I really am a nature person


Well back to the van Gogh path. This path is a specific bicycle path even mentioned on google maps and I always see super cool shots of it. It enlights at night and should be very nice to go over. So when it was dark I went to there, and was excited about it.


Boy, that was a nice misperception of me

Yes, when you were almost half on the ground you saw some cool lights, but apart from that you did not see very much. Also the part that was enlightened was not that long and it was also kind of in a creepy neighborhood. My opinion?? Overrated!!!

While cycling back home I came across the actual cool street art in the city of Eindhoven. In a cycling intersection there is a graffiti hub. And I mean proper art, not the tagging kind of graffiti.
I saw this piece from an old buddy of mine from back in the days who has own art studio now. Way cooler if you ask me, but again.. who am I ;))


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