[EN] The manhole people - A true story. (Not a true story)(Fiction)

 It happened in a town I wasn't ever been before, or after. I was in this big street and all the manhole covers were spinning like vinyl records on a squadron of record players. I don't want to describe the sound - ok, I can say that I had a thought of sick tibetan bells calling ambulances.

Then the covers overturned and heads ventured out of the manhole. I don't know why I try to tell this story in a language I definitely don't master. I want to put distance between my mind and that memory, perhaps. Anyway. Many cars had kept moving along the street all the time. When people looked out from the manholes, the cars just started maneuvering to dodge their busts. Drivers looked peacefull. In fact, I was the only one along the street who seemed upset for what was happening.

Then the men in the manholes started screaming and waving. I understood that they were talking each other. But their voices, the sounds they were making were very similar to the noises of the metallic manhole covers spinning.

On another trip, I met people that talked to their neighbours using the sound of the wind blowing against blankets hanging on the washing line. There was always wind.

(To be continued)

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Paolo Beneforti

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