Treatment of women in Pakistan!

This painting tooked almost 1 week to be completed and it shows the closed culture for pakistani womens.

Pakistan does not treat its women well. This can be attributed to two traditions the country has inherited. One, women’s poor status is common in the Muslim world. They are segregated and don’t have access to the government supplied social services that equal those available to the male population. There is no better example of this than the attack on Malala Yousafzai that almost killed her. Her crime: to speak in public about the importance of educating girls. The second example is from Saudi Arabia that does not allow women to drive automobiles. This restriction severely limits women’s ability to move around and hence, for them to enter the workforce in the Kingdom. The second tradition comes from the country’s location. Pakistan is a South Asian country and women’s status in the subcontinent is low. It took the rule by the British to make the burning of Hindu widows a crime, a practice called ‘sati’. Even now, India by tradition assigns a very low status to women in its society. It is interesting that the practice of ‘triple talaq’ — a husband could divorce his wife by simply saying ‘I divorce you’ three times — among Muslims in India was declared to be illegal by the Indian Supreme Court. In Pakistan, the practice was banned by the 1961 Muslim Family Laws Ordinance promulgated by the military government headed by Field Marshal Ayub Khan. Upon achieving independence, Bangladesh did not abandon this marital law provision.

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