ARToken by Cappasity- decentralized ecosystem for AR / VR and 3D Contents

According to statistics, the world AR / VR revenue in 2017 will reach $ 11.4 billion, and possibly by 2021 the revenue will be 215 billion US dollars.

AR / VR is gradually entering the various industries for both business and consumers. VR is more popular in the video game industry, although it is implemented in a much larger number of cases. 

Thanks to 3D tours, users will be able to visit the virtual environment to be in luxury homes, without even going inside. Strategically around the house are placed cameras, which will allow you to plunge into the tour.

Large market players have launched their own VR equipment, but they are not in high demand, as there is no convincing content. To date, Ford has been using VR technology for design and engineering purposes, the main purpose of this laboratory is to improve its early concepts and create the final product.

The AR / VR market consists of hardware, software and content segments. The AR / VR market value chain consists of four segments: HMD / AR glasses / cameras / Hardware, SDK and software, application and content, content users.

As an infrastructure segment, AR / VR hardware, such as headsets, goggles, mobile interfaces and will be operated by high-tech companies. Stakeholders will reflect supply and demand. 

Through various applications, users will be able to use AR / VR content, in turn, the creators will provide these applications. AR and VR technologies are developed separately, major market players and breakthroughs will be considered in applications.

Platform developers also plan to use the ARToken utility token for all transactions in the Marketplace, which will simplify the exchange of information between participants and create a network without AR / VR boundaries. Platform participants will use the Cappasity technology platform with an open API that will improve content creation and data exchange.

All content creator data will be stored on the blockchain and make up a transaction record and license, so the platform users can be confident that the copyright will be respected.

For the development of the AR / VR / 3D Contentplace market, the developers decided to use the digital currency as the main means of exchanging Ecosystem products among the participants. The digital currency is ideally suited for C2C economic interactions, and the company also decided to create its own token of the utility Ecosystem - ARToken (AR). 

ARToken will work on the basis of ERC-20. contracts created for Cappasity AR / VR will be published in the Cappasity GitHub profile. 

Cappasity invites to contribute to the development of the AR / VR ecosystem by participating in the sale of ARToken. The contribution of the community will help the development of the AR / VR ecosystem and will accelerate the innovative process. The share of contributions will be reserved in the form of fund funds to support AR / VR / 3D innovators and active ecosystem participants.

After the end of the Pre-Sale, personal accounts of all participants will be automatically converted to the site, where participants will be able to purchase Cappasity 3D modeling services at a discount

Tokens will be distributed as follows:

-70% for sales

-18% will be saved for founders

-12% for early participants

Cappasity will create a decentralized ecosystem to meet the growing demand for AR / VR and 3D. The platform will also help address the lack of attractive content, which slows the spread of AR / VR and the further development of technologies.

The global service ecosystem AR / VR created with the help of Cappasity, will ensure decentralized and sharing of creative content and copyright.

For more detailed information about the project and the terms of participation, I recommend you visit the links below: 

WEB page:

White paper:

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