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 Welcome my dear readers. I want to introduce you to a very  promising and unique project today. With the advent of electronic money  there was such a service as money transfer. They began to provide both  banks and international companies such as Western Union or WebMoney. But  what problems lie now in translation systems? The main problem is high  fees and the duration of transfers.  If such a problem is not  particularly relevant in the country, international transfers are highly  susceptible to it. This is due to the presence of a large number of  intermediaries. This is the Bank receiving the money transfer, the  company making the transfer, and the Bank of the receiving party. Each  organization charges a percentage of the transfer. The bureaucracy adds  time to the translation.
New innovative and cost-effective solutions are needed for the  successful development of remittances. The Zed Network platform can  provide them with these solutions. Due to the lack of a sufficient number of qualified personnel and  technical resources, some operators are unable to provide their  customers with a mobile application for ease of use. For this reason,  most customers usually choose large companies.
Lack of sufficient funds for international transfers. Small companies  have to turn to intermediaries for help. Each broker has its own minimum  transaction limit and monthly administration fees. Not everyone will be  able to work in such conditions. Zed Network is a start-up company of the block and cryptocurrency  market . The platform intends to connect a network of global money  transfer operators. The Zed network was established to support money  transfer operations around the world and to modernize the money transfer  business industry. Zed Network also intends to use money transfer operators to quickly  scale their business using blockchain technology to improve the quality  and speed of their services around the world. The goal of the Zed Network is to help companies eliminate the need  for banks and other intermediaries to send money anywhere in the world.  Many companies often face problems when they need to send money because  they cannot compete with other companies that have a large structure,  and Zed Network intends to give these companies and people a chance to  compete in this market. At the moment, the main part of all international non-cash transfers  is carried out through the SWIFT system. This system allows you to  safely transfer money to most countries in different currencies, but the  process is slow and too expensive. Recipients of money transfers can be  individuals and legal entities.
Strong dependence on the relationship between banks and money transfer  operators in this area. Large players have already built long-term  mutually beneficial relationships with banks, but for small companies  this is a serious obstacle to doing business. Bankers do not want to  take risks and sometimes block the accounts of small operators.
There is also a problem with transferring funds in different currencies.  Some financial institutions do not provide this opportunity to small  companies.
The main advantage of the platform is decentralization. Reliability,  security, high transaction speed and transparency. Zed network-based  Stellar blockchain. All transactions will be recorded in the blockchain.
No single centralized data warehouse. All data will be stored in different countries or organizations.
ZED is not an anonymous cryptocurrency. To make a transfer, you need to transfer KYC. The platform aims cooperation with accredited investors from the USA, Canada and other  countries. To buy a token on the exchange, you must also transfer KYC.
The platform does not allow the use OF zed tokens. Transactions are much cheaper and faster than BTC or ETH.
High transaction speed (3-5 seconds) will help to avoid serious risks due to zed currency fluctuations.
The transaction fee will be 1%.
ZED uses the platform as a service (PaaS) model to deliver the ZED  platform, applications, and reporting tools to the MTO for use to take  immediate advantage of THE zed currency without any technical  development.
The ZED Network system works very simply. A person orders a transfer  service through a mobile application or website, pays for it with a Bank  card. Fiat money is automatically exchanged for zed tokens and sent to  the recipient. The recipient changes the zed tokens into a convenient  Fiat currency.
Now the system is being tested in Canada, but soon it will be used around the world.
To invest in this company, you will have to buy ZED tokens during the  initial coin offering (ICO) . There are no specific dates or token sale  prices yet, but you will be able to invest in this company in the near  future. The preliminary token sale is being prepared for the first  quarter of 2018, and the main sale will take place in the second quarter  of the same year.
You will be able to use Bitcoin and Ethereum to purchase the company's  zed tokens, and you will probably be eligible for discounts or bonuses,  but there is currently no reliable information on that. The hard cap  sale will total 100 billion zed tokens.
About Tokensale
Total delivery: 100 000 000,00 ZED
Token Sale: 21 000 000 000 ZED
Token: ZED
Private sale (Accredited investors): July 30-December 30, 2018- 1 000 000 000 ZED
Public sale (KYC'd Investors): September 30, 2019-December 30, 2019- 4 000 000 000 ZED
Future sales of tokens (MTOs for liquidity): 16 000 000 000 ZED
Total token sale volume: us $ 129 000 000
Purchase method: USD, CAD, BTC, ETH, XLM
Token Price: 1 ZED = $ 0.030 Summing up, I can say that the idea is good. It will solve the  problem of expensive and long transfers through the use of Blockchain.  For a more detailed study, as well as the purchase of zed tokens, I post  a link to the official website of the company below.
Official resources of the ZED Network project :
Official site: http://www.zed.network
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/zednetwork
ANN thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2304383.0
Telegram channel: https://t.me/zednetworkinc
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/zednetworkinc
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/zednetwork 




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