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The project is focused first of all on Japan where total income of the game market reaches the huge sum of 12,4 billion dollars that speaks about big prospects of the project.

A developer of the project is widely known Japanese company under the name Asobimo Inc which has been founded in 2003 and within 15 years is engaged in development of the mobile games MMORPG of a genre. She takes the third place in the world among developers of such games. The company has partner division in China which is called Shanghai Xiaoyou Network Technology Co., Ltd. and partner division of Quantum Games Inc. located on Taiwan.

Thus the company totals more than 600 employees in three countries - Japan, China and Taiwan are high quality developers and programmers result of their efforts there was a universal recognition of the Asobimo company and the awarding the prizes Top Developer Award from Google Play and also Grand Prix Division Award from App Store Game.

Releasing the games which are widely presented at the markets of Japan and Asia - role-playing games of Avabel Online three-dimensional ** Iruna Online ** and her sequel Toram Online the company has won popularity. In the world there is a large number of the gamers choosing games from the Asobimo company. Games have been loaded more than 50 million times and have fine responses, the proceeds from games make more than 200 million dollars.

The Asobi Market platform – trading floor for digital goods. A highlight of an idea is the decentralized system of protection in abbreviated form DSS constructed on technology a blockchain. She will check and define to whom content belongs.

To begin to use the platform it will be necessary to load digital goods into a cloud and to expose for him the price in Asobi Coin tokens. The buyer easily finds the necessary goods and if it accepts the price pays and receives the desirable. It is possible to sell on the platform game values, games, comics, codes, video and pieces of music.

Digital goods can be bought directly from the publisher and also from other players that can give small benefit to fans of games. It will be possible to sell unnecessary game values to other players and to buy something more valuable and for this purpose it won't be necessary to spend money.
Except the right for goods of the buyer support of copyright of digital goods thus of the transaction will be still realized assignments to the owner will result if content has copyright. Transactions will pass on smart contracts and such transactions will differ in transparency and reliability.

It would be desirable to pay attention to an important factor, all transactions on the platform will be completely legal and the digital goods will be on sale with the consent of the owner.

Asobi Coin tokens with ABX ticker will be means of calculation on Asobi Market, for their storage Asobi Wallet the purse allowing to accumulate, buy and sell ABX coins, to send them to the platform for payment of digital goods will be released.


Tokens and details of ICO
The token of the ABX platform is developed according to the ERC-20 standard on Ethereum.

Japan can safely be considered the country which has formed digital technologies, the country which has stepped the first in the world roboequipment and far left forward! She has begun development with small, and now designs artificial intelligence. Japan the first has realized a role of technologies and their application in any spheres of everyday life!
One of such spheres is game, annually her development and change proves it! All play young and old! And as in any sphere of a limit there is no perfection, here again it demands completions.
One of the main problems which should be solved is reuse of digital content. For anybody not a secret that use of digital content (various games, ON, applications, e-books, even movies) after purchase, happens again i.e. he is distributed on the Internet, because of it authors for free, publishers of this content sustain huge losses!!!

But besides there are people who on the contrary don't want to buy for various reasons digital content in overall cost! For the solution of this are divisible that to offend nobody and the perspective project about the name ASOBIMO, the company from the majestic player in this sphere is created!
So for the ASOBIMO project what it is? ASOBIMO - the company for a long time appeared to the public the having just amazing experience of conducting developments of abrupt games online even since 2003! Therefore has a huge experience of successful work which only grows also ASOBIMO has the state 600. Which daily develop that that new - And tells it about much! Still the track record includes more than 50 million sales, through the largest applications - such as GooglePlay and App Store. From the GooglePlay application - ASOBIMO has an award of "the best developer" and still note for all pereiod of sales the company has the sum more than 200 million dollars!! And it is a lot of!

Now about the idea, the purpose of the ASOBIMO proyet is creation of the modern decentralized platform on Blockchain, for the protected digital content. Which if necessary can be sold repeatedly for the smaller price, by means of DSS - (the decentralized system of protection). This protection bears responsibility for right possession of digital content, using technology a blockchain!
We will chew written above on in more detail:-
example 1. We will allow you have got a disk with a game, have played and you want to sell legally. For this purpose you need to come into online store (second-hand) content used earlier - ASOBI market and to sell this disk for the official cryptocurrency of ASOBIMO used on this platform!
example 2. Perhaps in some game you were bothered by some tops, game objects (A rifle which a little who has), even you will be able to sell it on the platform, for ASOBIMO crypt
example 3. Also it concerns video and musical content and it can be sold repeatedly having got profit after use.
Well to everything all have understood-voobshchem this platform for sales of the used license products and not only!!!

Asobi Market Place
The market uses blockchain technology to provide a protected system to distribute second-hand content and the current digital content services do not give licenses to users which makes it impossible to resell second hand contents and when a service closes down, the users lose their content. At the market, the user owns the license which is guaranteed through Digital Right Management (DRM), Decentralized Security System (DSS). This system makes it possible to secure a secondary digital content trade with ABX. ASOBIMO and SWITEX Gmbh developed NAGA Virtual which is the platform for in-game items inside ASOBI MARKET. Individuals who play games can buy or sell in-game virtual items individually or through a game publisher!

Soft cap – 5 million dollars (will reach)
Hard cap – 50 million dollars
It is possible to get a token for Bitcoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin cash on the official site of a private office. Upon purchase it is necessary to undergo the KYC procedure.

Also sale of tokens of ABX takes place at the following exchanges:
Coinhub -
Latoken -
Liquid -
Coinbene -
Coinrail -


And in conclusion I want to tell

The Asobi platform will be for certain in demand for fans online of MMORPG of games and considering what will work at a blockchain and to consider all nuances of copyright will be widely demanded. The Asobimo Inc company has all opportunities for creation of this trading floor and large audience which will quickly develop this platform.
ABX tokens can be purchased during the ICO as well as after its completion on cryptocurrency exchanges. The coins can be used at the secured distributed content platform called Asobi Market where you can resell digital content as well as sell and buy between users. Asobi coin can be used in the Asobimo games, as well as games of other companies. Asobimo game rate is calculated as: 1 Asobi coin is equivalent to 2 JPY (approx. 0.02 USD). You can store your purchased Awobi Coins coins usicng the most secured wallet which is the ASOBI WALLET.

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