Asobi Coin is here to boost digital industry development

Secondary market has only pros 

Asobi Coin decided to create first decentralized secondary market for digital goods. I tried out to find out what are the pros and cons of such initiative and about prospects of investing in Asobi tokens. Most of you may be surprised by results, so let us do not waste a minute! 

Secondary markets are important part of our lives. Amazon, eBay and other related portals help people to earn and to get enough money to buy new things. It seems strange, but secondary market is the one the most important drivers of the economy growth, especially because such giants as Amazon pay taxes help to evaluate need of people. If there were no secondary markets, people would buy new things much more rarely. Let me explain. 

Imagine that you have already bought completely new house and you need furniture. Your budget is very limited, so they only your option is to buy previously used furniture. It is not as expensive and you are sure that you will be able to change it with new in several month. Platform, where this furniture was bought pays taxes, people, who sold you this furniture have enough money for new items that they were going to buy. 

In digital good industry such scheme does not work. Or it had not been working until implementation of Asobi and its internal solutions. Asobi is Amazon for digital goods. There you can buy games for consoles, music, movies, comics, and electronic books – any kind of digital content that was previously not tradable. Oh, in-game items will be tradable too. 

Two simple reasons for Asobi to arise

First is high demand. Demand for selling and buying of digital goods is extremely high, but most of people afraid to sell them via internet because of high possibility of fraud. Moreover, most of content providers do not give such option, and lots of users are not able to sell digital goods once again, because they will violate the law. Asobi had found the way to eliminate all these problems and to make all the deals on secondary market fast and transparent. 

Second is high level of piracy. Some people would like to buy licensed content, but they do not have enough money for it or they want to save as much as possible. As for me, 1 dollar for a song is too much, so I prefer to listen to the songs on alternative sources. I buy subscription and listen to anything I want. However, some of us want to support artists, and these people should be able to sell digital goods several times. If the original content creator gets certain % of every deal on secondary market, it helps to increase income in several times. In the same time, cheap content helps to decrease the level of piracy without any additional expenses from the content creators. As for me, Asobi seems to be perfect solution, and I am sure that millions of people all over the world will agree with me. 


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