With the creation of the internet came the chance to purchase and offer items, for example, adornments, wears, gadgets and so on all around effectively as the internet gives the road to purchasers to associate straightforwardly with venders. This open door has additionally been stretched out to different computerized substance, for example, digital books, diversions, films which are likewise as of now bought by means of the internet.

Anyway in light of the simplicity at which these purchasing and offering exercises happen through the internet, advanced substance sharing is confronting a major test which is the issue of robbery and proprietorship privileges of the substance as the substance makers are not getting benefits and kudos for their work and purchasers too do not have the permit to re-offer these substance when they are finished utilizing them.

Luckily, this issue was the correct motivation behind why the Asobi Platform was made which through the making of a decentralized security system that is established upon blockchain innovation will ensure the duplicate right of the substance proprietor with the goal that when they offer their data, the assets assigned for it goes to only them and furthermore make a road for re-dealers to inspire permit to offer utilized computerized content.

What is the ASOBI Platform?

As seen in the above video, this is a blockchain fueled project that was made with the point of making accessible a decentralized ecosystem or space to trade different computerized substance and virtual resources like amusements, digital books and so forth and furthermore one that permits the conveyance of optional substance.

Features of the ASOBI Platform

This platform offers the accompanying highlights to its clients:


This is an imperative part of the Asobi Ecosystem as it makes accessible a road for offering optional substance to the utilization of Decentralized Security System (DSS). This Decentralized Security System is upheld by the blockchain innovation which propels its security as all exchanges completed are sealed and recorded which thus helps fill in as an unarguable confirmation of possession for various substance.

ASOBI Market

This is a situation on the platform that is upheld by blockchain innovation where clients have the chance to purchase virtual resources that are either new or utilized and this market is organized so that the executing of assets for these advanced substance are protected, genuine and smooth.
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ASOBI Wallet

This element is kept set up by the platform to encourage the offers of different computerized substance, for example, recreations, music, electronic books, and recordings at a distributer or proprietor store. This likewise makes it workable for utilized substance to be exchanged by their proprietors at moderately less expensive costs.

Benefit Rewarding Scheme

Once the computerized substance are sold or traded among proprietors and purchasers, the platform consequently sends the assets got from the exchanges to the advanced substance proprietor using smart gets that has been coordinated into the platform’s system.

Advantages of the ASOBI Platform

Makes acquiring of various advanced substance less demanding for clients as it kills the weight of theft and gives chance for reasonable substance dispersion.

Clients appreciate protected and solid substance exchange and trade as benefits got from exchanging are sent to them promptly upon the buy of their substance.

Token data

The token of this platform is known as ABX which is planned by the ERC-20 particulars and is the money to be utilized in buying advanced substance on the platform.

Token Sale Details

Token: ABX
Blockchain: Ethereum
Token Type: ERC20
ICO Price: 1 JYP(Approx $0.009)
Minimum invest: 1 ETH
Softcap: 550,000,000 JPY ($5M)
Hardcap: 5,500,000,000 JPY ($50M)
Total Token Supply: 16,500,000,000


The platform will help unite a collection of various substance makers in a domain where their substance are ensured and where they can offer and exchange them at useful costs.

for more details and to stay updated, see below links:

Official site of ASOBI COIN:

Official Telegram:


White paper of the project:

Official website of Asobimo:



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