Additional functionality of the Atomic Wallet platform

In order to enhance your experience within Atomic Wallet platform, we are going to consider adding additional functionality just for you. For instance, we are going to adopt various means of exchange. In some cases, some customers are likely to use non-atomic exchange functionality. Following the fact that this is a custody-free solution, this platform is going to implement only instant exchange options. As a matter of fact, this is mainly for the convenience of our users that is why Atomic Wallet platform is implementing the following two main instant exchanges:

 ShapeShift
It is worth boasting the pride of offering you the fastest as well as the most prate and most convenient way to swap digital currencies with exchange rate always remaining competitive. This mainly tells you that this exchange is affordable and enables you to earn some good profits when used for your cryptocurrency trading.
Moreover, the speed is amazing hence you will not have to wait for a prolonged period before your transactions are processed.
Additionally, following the fact that this platform is powered by blockchain technology be sure of transparency, Accountability, reliability, and convenience. All your information among other details is encrypted within the blockchain and cannot be tampered with. It is equally important to emphasize the fact that after the Atomic Wallet community vote, ShapeShift was selected as the best and default option for instant exchange. It is therefore important for users to learn how it operates and how they can make good use of this exchange to benefit their crypto trading.

 Change
This is one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges that offer the ability of instant as well as a seamless exchange for more than 90 altcoins at the best market rate as well as that ability for users to buy them using a bank card. This platform has been active for more than 3 years, and it has managed to attract more than 1.5 million registered users from across the. It is worth noting that this exchange processes more than 15 thousand transactions on a daily basis with a monthly turnover of around 60 thousand BTC.

 Fiat options:
Atomic Wallet is going to provide its customer's fiat options in cooperation with partner services. The platform is further going to make sure that the integration is carried out in a seamless as well as smooth manner.
The platform is going to abide by its rule that states “do not touch fiat” hence it will not process fiat processes itself. All the commitments that were made earlier by various partners have already been received and will be unveiled before the public crowd sale. It is also important to note that the following options are planned for the implementation: bank wire withdrawals, payment cards acceptance as well as bank wire acceptance.

In conclusion, it is evident that Atomic Wallet is going to make a big difference in the crypto trading and it is going to help the traders a great deal especially in increasing their profits through the additional functionalities that have been discussed above.

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