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Welcome my dear friends.Today is a day off, which means I have prepared a lot of interesting projects for you.Affiliate marketing is the only true "pay for performance" model in online marketing: while the search engine or advertisements encourage clicks, views or referrals, Affiliate marketing rewards actual sales. So Affiliate marketing must have one of the biggest shares in Internet marketing, which is not the case as the current system has serious problems. This white paper describes how Attrace intends to invent affiliate marketing and how its offer differs from other Solutions. Attrace re-invents Affiliate marketing: the solution to Attrace the blockchain makes intermediary in Affiliate marketing (Affiliate Network) legacy, establishing a direct relationship between Merchants (companies trying to sell products or services) and publishers (websites, etc., Promoting these products or services ). This means that the mission of Attrace is as follows: 1. reduce very high Commission Affiliate network, paid by Merchants and Publishers, by 95%; 2. eliminate all aspects of attribution and tracking analysis related to revenue generated; 3. eliminate all fraud detection problems, given the full attribution of any click; 4. provides immediate payment of commissions earned instead of waiting for a month; 5. allow payments at fair value on the basis of the true cost of certain of the sales made; 6. facilitate direct communication between merchants and publishers; 7. to remove the constraints for small and emerging merchants; 8. To keep publishers from participation in activities for spamming. Attrace is unique: contrary to other online marketing solutions using the blockchain, Attrace is not a solution focused solely on tracking actual sales achieved only, or on payments between Merchants and Publishers. The Attrace solution is unique because it tracks each individual click / referral / lead created by a potential click on the ad, not just the total sales - from advertising to Affiliate marketing and distributes it through a smart contract with Publisher right.

Basic information about ICO Attrace Category: Banks, Smart contracts, Media, Business, Infrastructure, Platform, Internet, Retail, Communications, Entertainment, data Analysis, Software Website: Country team: Netherlands Ban in the following countries: USA, China KYC: Yes infa: WhitePapper Video about ICO Attrace Social network ICO Attrace Information about token ATTR Ticker: ATTR Platform: Ethereum Date Pre-ICO: 21.06.2018 - 05.07.2018 Date of sale: 21.06.2018 - 05.07.2018 the token Type: ERC20 the Price of a token: 0.0350000000 USD Min. purpose of collection: 2 000 000 USD Currency: ETH

Team ICO
Attrace Erwin Werring CEO
Lennard Zwart COO Marius Jansen Co-Founder Remko Allertz CMO John Jansen Co-Founder Rico Engelbarts Community Outreach Advisers ICO Attrace Wouter Sleijffers Advisor

Road map ICO Attrace 21st of May Publisher UI demo. 27th of May Merchant UI demo. 29th of May Ingest real clicks and expose statistics through Publisher network. 29th of May Network explorer UI demo (blocks, accounts,clicks/referrals/sales). 30th of May Protocol validation (functionality) with selected Pubiishers and Merchants. 30th of May Protocol validation (functionality) with selected Pubiishers and Merchants. 21st of June Pre-ICO (ending 2 weeks later). 12th of July ICO (ending 8 weeks later). 15th of July Network foundation V1 (daemon, messaging, blockchain, storage, smart contract foundation). 1st of October Testnet with affiliate functionality, integrated ATTR tokens and delegated voting. 14th of October First release Merchant and Publisher Dashboard (SSP/DSP). 1st of November Basic developer documentation client API's and commandline tools. 15th of November ATTR tokens import testing + webpages. 1st of December Main net online (operational Attrace network). 7th of December Set up-sales and account management team in NL to accelerate growth. January 2019 Start an influencer marketing. February 2019 Additional strategic traffic acquisition and establishing partners to move high volume traffic to the network. March 2019 Set up sales and account management teams in new countries to accelerate growth, starting with Western Europe (UK, Germany, Scandinavia). June 2019 Set up sales and account management teams in US and Emerging Markets with high internet integration (e.g. Indonesia). September 2019 Reach critical traffic volume to apply first machine learning for profiling. October 2019 Option to pay commissions fully in ATTR instead of fiat currency, decided country by country provided Merchants are ready. October 2020 Push towards commission payments in ATTR only and start process of removing fiat currencies payments country by country. January 2021 Growing ecosystem by focusing on Long Tail. February 2021 Further geographic expansion to Emerging Markets. February 2022 Implementation Machine learning / AI to further counter click fraud.
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