Welcome my dear subscribers. Today is the weekend, which means that I have prepared for you reviews of promising projects.Despite the fact that cryptocurrencies are expecting increase in their value in the future, but they do not show immediate results, if someone wants to buy a car with bitcoin, he needs to convert to fiat currency via exchanges, it's a long process, find a dealer that accepts cryptocurrency as payment is challenging the auto industry is completely dependent on monopolized data that are affected by external factors, the evaluation of vehicles is fully centralized and subject to commercial activity. The automatic block has identified the potential of cryptocurrency in the automotive industry and has come up with a solution for cryptocurrency payments in the sale and purchase of cars.
It is a platform that helps users to buy and sell cars using cryptocurrency without the need to exchange, its auto token helps to make transactions from anywhere, its portal offers cars to buyers who want to buy with cryptocurrencies.

Its portal provides an opportunity to list their cars on the platform. It also includes data on wagons and valuation services that allow buyers to check all information before making a purchase.

This will give a bonus to dealers who accept auto tokens, ultimately it benefits dealers for using their tokens.

it also provides an exchange service, if the dealer wants to cash out their cryptocurrencies, they can instantly convert to fiat and Autocoin.

Here are some advantages of Auto Block platform, users can buy cars all over the world, immediate payment, anonymity, convenient payments, theft protection and fraud protection.

It uses smart contracts, distributed accounting, technology and hyperregulation technology for transparency platforms.

Details of the sale of the tokens:
Auto Block issues utility tokens called "ATC" that can be used in the internal ecosystem of this platform for service and reward.

The details of the token:
Token-Autocoin (ATC) character)
Total Supply-400 000 000
1 ATC = $ 0.25 USD
Currencies accepted - ETH, BTC, LTC
Private sale ends-August 15, 2018
Token sale - from August 16 to September 30, 2018.

Mohamed Ezeldin is a co-founder.
Experienced in developing business strategies with a demonstrated history of working in top management. Qualifications in research, management, leadership, blockchain and innovation. A strong professional in education with a master's degree in mathematics and statistics from Queen Mary University of London.

Mustansar of Ibal - founder HOD.
He has seven years of experience as a Executive marketing Director in a large organization responsible for handling all customers and visitors in addition to extensive organizational and administrative support.

Boris Otonicar technical Director.
He was a consultant on the block chain and consultant to ICO in many companies, such as, Pokersports, Selflerry, Plentix, REPU, and many others.

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