The colors of autumn

Let me just start with being honest. I don’t like autumn. At all, and I mean it when I say at all.

The wind all of a sudden gets colder, the difference between night freezing temperatures and in the day us all running to catch some rays of sunlight here and there is just crazy to me. When the leaves start to fall it kind of feels like all life is sucked out the world I find. As if this is the general way of life coming towards its end and we all begin on our great hibernation session in the winter in our caves like little bears using nothing but sleep.
The leaves on the ground start to smell when they get wet and the color of the sky is only grey and isn’t inviting to do anything.

You are catching my drift right, in hating autumn

But we also have to be honest. Autumn als haves some pearls in there, you just have to look hard to find them in the specific moments when they are there.

Colored trees, it has its beauty!


This tree is to me perfection of how some people see autumn (the lovers I will call them). Crack blue skies and the whole spectrum of colors all found in 1 tree. As if a rainbow is hidden in one tree. What is the cool thing, is that in 1 day this exact tree can look totally different again tomorrow. It might have lost half of its leaves or the colors might be totally changed.

That is why autumn is also very special, you have to keep your eyes open to its perfection, because tomorrow it can be gone again

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