Avatara – immediate moving around the world without language problem (Short description of the project for partners and investors)

Avatara ICO


We are the first in the world to create a new profession, Avatara, and a new service, Avatara, for millions of people around the globe. In order to realise this service, we are creating an international portal based on blockchain technology where the tele-presence service will be provided in any place of the world.
Avatara is a de-centralised platform for searching, communication and safe settlements between the participants of the service.

The tele-presence service shall be provided by Avatara persons, robots and drones.
The very simple technology of tele-presence allows a Customer to the service immediately move to any place in the world renting an Avatara person.

The Customer–Interpreter–Avatara are connected through the Internet and Skype (or its analogue). The Avatara shall not necessarily have video glasses. A good mobile phone or a tablet is enough for the Avatara to hang the device on his/her chest. Almost every modern person has a phone and a tablet. The simplicity of the technology will help in making this service a mass one rapidly.

The Customer shall appear in any place of the world where there are Avataras, and there, he/she can:

• Move anywhere he/she wants (telling the Avatara where to go, consulting with him/her)
• See everything the Avatara sees
• Hear everything the Avatara hears
• Personally communicate with the people around the Avatara, with the help of interpreter
• The people he/she is communicating can also see him/her on a tablet hanging on the Avatara’s chest
• Consult his/her Avatara on any questions about the country because the Avatara is a local in that city

Smart contracts provide safe deals and mobile app convenience and mobility for all the participants of the process.
The proposed tele-presence model has almost no difference with personal presence, except for saving time and money. Personal presence is way more expensive and only available to 15% of the world population. The rest 85% cannot afford travelling to places they would like to go to.

Video example ‘How the Customer steers the Avatara at an exhibition’


How does a Customer find an Avatara? The Customer shall enter the portal, open the map of the world, find the desired city and see moving coloured dots (marking the registered Avataras with equipment of different quality), choose stringers or persons having smartphones, choose an interpreter (if there are no Avataras with the knowledge of the Customer’s language), send a query, receive confirmation, create a safe deal, connect the Avatara and the Interpreter and acquire tele-presence. Upon broadcast completion, the deal shall be closed and its participants receive payment.


Avatara persons, Customers, Interpreters, Companies with exhibition and other robots, companies owning drones can register with the portal. The Avatara persons may be professionals (such as stringers working for the mass media) and ordinary persons creating tele-presence with their smartphones, the Internet and Skype (or similar technologies). Safe deals through smart contracts take place at the portal. Beside the portal, a mobile app will be introduced for everyone’s convenience.


Brands like UBER and AIRBNB have become common nouns and mean certain formed ideas. UBER is a car rental, AIRBNB is a flat rental. Thus, AVATARA shall become a common name and mean renting a person whose occupation is Avatara and renting devices capable of providing the tele-presence service. In the near future, connection between the Customer and the Avatara will be direct, Conscience–Conscience; and even though now, it seems fantastic, the world is changing rapidly, and many countries are already working on that technology.


UBER and AIRBNB are successful because:

They create a million of jobs.
They save people’s time and money.
Provide additional opportunities for people.
Avatara creates millions of new jobs, too (the new Avatara profession), it saves time (tele-presence at an exhibition in a different country will take 1.5 hours while a personal travel takes 2–3 days), saves money (tele-presence at an exhibition in a different country with an interpreter connected will cost $70 and a personal travel $2,500).
Only 15% of people have a sufficiently high income. The remaining 85%of people cannot afford themselves to constantly travel personally around the world, as it is expensive for them. Avatara opens up the middle class of people the following opportunities available to rich people: easy moving around the world, researching international markets and making trading agreements in any language, searching for new products and buying their samples, communicating with the best world competencies within their territory, buying branded things at world’s sales, etc...


Avatara provides three effects: moving, communicating in any language, huge money savings.


Companies and people always use services which save time, money and give new earning possibilities.


The mass media today use stringer services through centralised services and pay large amounts for this service. We are creating a de-centralised service and the mass media will address stringers without intermediaries. The mass media pay services, so they will pay us because we provide more favourable conditions.

Also, renting robots and drones for tele-presence is developing today. We will unite all the tele-presence service providers in one global portal. So, the tele-presence will become a common service in the world soon.

There are more than 1million of traditional mass media which produce content. There are more than 3 million commercial YouTube channels in various topics in need of entertaining content. Where can one source entertaining content? That’s a painful spot. The Avatara may resolve this pain of the mass media and YouTube channel.

Any person capable of spending 35–50 dollars a week or a month will make a video through the Avatara for his/her friends (in facebook, for example) to entertain their friends (a video/report from any place setting in the world can be created and shown to friends). There are millions of active social media users.


Millions of small and medium businesses. Visiting exhibitions, marketing surveys of remote territories, visiting conferences with the possibility of communicating with other people, researching international markets and making trading agreements in any language, searching for new products and buying their samples, … – Exhibitions and shop can permanently employ the Avatara persons.


Shopping in various countries: it is interesting to shop in foreign countries. It may become a new entertainment. Today, millions of people shop on the Internet by pictures and descriptions. Such purchase with the Avatara involved would be more interesting, and not less than 5% of all of such buyers will immediately start trying the new way of shopping. People like to communicate. It is possible to communicate and shop.

Visiting a casino: any person may play in a casino in Las Vegas or any other famous casinos.

Have a look at real estate before purchase: an Avatara may help have a look at the property itself, walk around the neighbourhood and talk to residents of that neighbourhood about how their life in the district and possible problems.

There are millions of immigrants and with the help of Avatara, they can visit their homeland and relatives, talk to them, be present at a birthday celebration, give presents and flowers, visit their relatives’ graves. It is an opportunity for those who cannot visit personally.

Thousands of people are in hospitals: they can order an Avatara in their city and so, solve their problems. People with reduced capabilities can use the Avataras for their everyday life and entertainment.

Tourists, without the Avatara presence, only the Avatara principle (tele-presence). Imagine you arrive in Beijing as a tourist. You can find a guide-interpreter at the Avatara web-site and connect with him through your phone. He/she can hang a phone on his/her chest with its camera facing forward so that the guide-interpreter sees everything around you. You immediately acquire a virtual guide-interpreter at a low price. Production of Avatara travel video glasses which will be available in vendor machines of any airport of the world, connectable to a phone (to avoid carrying a phone on a chest). Millions of people travel around the world.

Education: one can appear at a lecture of a famous biologist, or… An educational establishment can invite lecturers from any country.

There is a wide variety of options. These options are only limited by the user’s imagination, that means they’re unlimited.


Production of various handy high-quality gadgets based on accumulated working experience.
Our own news channel, A*News
A strategic answer to the question ‘How do you change the world?’

– You state that you are changing the world. How exactly?

– Our project helps people to improve communication. Avatara is primarily a communication service. When communication improves, the speed of processes in the world increases. Changes in the world depend on the speed of processes. People can realize their dreams more quickly. New technologies, gadgets, new architecture, new products are being created faster. What communication technologies have greatly accelerated the processes of people? Mobile communications, Internet, Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram, … Now Avatara will continue this list of communication services.We are giving not just communication itself, but communication “on demand” to ensure that the Customer receives information and video content from any place in the world. In our Mission Statement, we say that we are connecting people from all over the world by improving communications. Avatara is a communication service. This is the first thing how we change the world – we improve communication.

In addition, we are the first who changes mass media. Individualization of services is a global trend in the business world now. For example, you can order a car with a custom interior design, order new jeans manufactured according to your own design and requirements.

AVATARA gives an opportunity to mass media to receive news ‘on demand’ without employed correspondents. Not only mass media, but everyone can receive live video streams, talk to people in their language using in service AVATARA-person and AVATARA-translator. People didn’t have this opportunity before.

Finally, we have invented a new model of the news agency – ordering any information from anywhere in the world in any sphere of human’s activities. We can say that Avatara is an information agency, and Avatara persons are the employees of the agency. Anyone in the world can send their request for information. There were no such news agencies in the world before.

*CCN TOKYO Interview https://ccn.tokyo/2018/03/31/how-can-you-shop-see-news-travel-find-business-partners-negotiate-in-another-way-by-renting-someone-elses-human-body/


We receive % on each deal between the Customer, Avatara, Interpreter, guide-interpreter, owners of robots and drones.
We develop the technology of receiving the % on purchases from the shop during the Customer’s shopping.


There are only 480 cities in the world with population over 1 million people. That is a total of 480 partners. This is not a complicated task, and we will make it.


We were the first in the world to invent the Avatara profession back in 2011.

The idea of Avatara appeared in 2011 and was published in the media. But the mobile Internet was very bad at that time and the start of the project was postponed. Today, the mobile Internet gives high quality video and we open the Avatara project to the whole world. https://avatara.world/content/media

Anyone doing anything in this direction are our followers.


Total minimum
14 480 000 /orders per year
Total minimum 14,480,000 orders per year in 251 countries in the cities with a population of over one million. In addition to the profits from each Avatara order, there will be a profit from the orders of interpreters, from advertising and subscription fees to the news channel, sales of gadgets and other smaller sales.
AVATARA company also plans to create its own news TV channel A*NEWS (up to 3 million viewers) and produce gadgets under its brand – simple video glasses and video glasses with 3D broadcasting (up to 1 million sales per year).
These projects will bring additional profit.
A more detailed information by segments you can find here: https://avatara.world/


Our team has a vast experience of working with the mass media, creating and promoting start-ups.


The quality of mobile Internet and the Internet spread around the world are exploding. You know Elon Musk’s satellite Internet project and South Korea’s projects on quantum mobile communication. The tele-presence issues are discussed all over the world. Organisations search for the possibilities to save money and time due to increasing competition in all fields of business. The world is ready to accept the Avatara technology. This is truly a breakthrough innovation because the world has never seen such service before.

The time of Avatara has come, and we invite you to take part in it.

Join our project! Together, we will provide new opportunities for people sooner.

The world will never be the same again!

Team Avatara

Avatara CVO Info@avatara.world


Official Telegram https://t.me/avatara_ico
About the project https://avatara.world/ru (site in 9 languages)
About the ICO, team, ... https://avatara.world/ru/ico
Youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmHMoovUueQxr4VKMeE6IKg/videos
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/avatara.world
Twitter https://twitter.com/Avatara_World
Medium https://medium.com/@matrixekiber
Whitepaper https://avatara.world/ru/ico#documents
ANN Thread, Bounty, ... https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3019942.msg31063968#msg31063968

For more information about “How Avatara changes the world?” please, check out our CCN TOKYO Interview https://ccn.tokyo/2018/03/31/how-can-you-shop-see-news-travel-find-business-partners-negotiate-in-another-way-by-renting-someone-elses-human-body/

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