Bayan Token

Bayan Token is a cryptocurrency that is structured as a Utility Token in which Bayan Token will bring specific values that are being organized creatively with some value and benefits to serve token holders; this will provide many opportunities for token holders so they can enjoy the benefits of capital as the token market price increases.

From the moment Tokens are purchased, BYT holders can expect mechanisms built and dedicated to providing “virtue” at every intersection. The ERC20 Token created on the Ethereum platform, BYT utilizes the Ethereum smart contract attribute. The significant hashing strength of the platform ensures the network is safe and efficient. Also, the token contract represents ownership of 16 hours of access to the benefits of Private Cloud Server. Each server has 2 GHz computing power, 1GB of memory, 5GB SSD disk, and 10GB bandwidth per month of data transfer.
What Are The Features Of Bayan Token?
The results from Bayan token crowdsale will fund several projects that will ensure the integrity of the Bayan token as a valuable token. However, Bayan Token is not just a utility token but also supported by many real and profitable projects that will help the entire ecosystem. Here are real innovative projects from Bayan Token.

Trade Tools
Development of a sophisticated Artificial Intelligent-Equity Trader for Global Exchange
Halal Mart
Expanding 100 to 1000 Halal Mart stores across Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, and Indonesia
Medical Breakthrough
Produce and commercialize Basella alba leaf extract as a health supplement
Intrinsic Value Of Bayan Token
Intrinsic value is an ethical and philosophical concept in a property. It is the ethical or philosophical value that an object has “in itself” or “for its own sake,” which guarantees it as an intrinsic property. They have managed to compile Bayan Token and have inherent value by offering one Private Cloud Server server with outstanding specifications.

How to Allocate Token
This Token parrot will be allocated among pre-sale attendees, full crowds and management and advisers to the crowdsale, as below.

How to Fund Distribution
The amount collected during Pre-sale and Crowdsale will be distributed as below.

Shariah Compliant Artificial Intelligence-Equity Trader (AiET System Z2)
The Z2 system combines technical analysis, fundamental and advanced trading tools to provide the best investment and trading opportunities by simplifying the entire investment decision-making process to generate more efficient and more profitable trades.

Z2 Strategy – Revolutionary
Z2 employs five proprietary strategies which are analytic techniques developed through absolute devotion to finding revolutionary tools.
Z2 Scanner – Innovative
Z2 Scanner is a tool that allows scanning of the entire market and extensive data network to find stocks that meet the Z2 Strategy filtering criteria.
Z2 Filter – Premium Options
Potential trading groups are sifted through some fundamental data, reviewing information from the market, tracing the data source to ensure optimal final retrieval.
Z2 AutoTrader – Cutting Edge
A multiple platforms, based on algorithmic on artificial intelligence and using state-of-the-art technology, opens and closes positions automatically on signals.
Details of ICO
BYT Platform: Ethereum
Standart: ERC20
Amount: 200,000,000 BYT
Price: 1 BYT = 0.80 USD
Payment: ETHSoft cap: 10,000,000 USD
Hard cap: 35,000,000 USD



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