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Good day dear subscribers of my blog! Today I want to introduce you to a very promising project. The development team offers interesting and unique ideas that can change our world in the near future. The project BEAT. Let's get acquainted!

Lack of motivation is the main obstacle preventing people from doing sports on a regular basis. The creators of the Beat platform intend to reward athletes for their efforts and thereby increase the level of interest in an active lifestyle among the population.

Briefly about project Beat
Beat is a blockchain platform created to store data on health and sports activity of users. Within this ecosystem, athletes share reliable information about their physical shape and the results achieved with others. This way they earn money and increase their motivation.

The confidentiality of all data stored on the Beat platform is guaranteed by the blockchain technology. Information about athletes and other participants of the project is reliably protected from outside interference and changes.

The Beat ecosystem allows you to forget about unreliable e-wallets, prone to attacks and hacks. They have been replaced by user-generated digital assets that are safely stored in the block chain.

The Beat platform unites 3 categories of users:

  • Data provider. They are athletes who want to profit from their efforts and skills. Suppliers have constant access to information about themselves and decide whether they will share it with someone.
  • Consumers of the data. This group includes trainers, fitness providers, medical clinics, research institutes and any other interested persons and organizations. They use information about athletes only under a contractual agreement, that is, for a fee.
  • Trusted third party. It is a kind of link between suppliers and consumers of data. Third parties like software developers are required to track, verify, and store information in the block chain.

Benefits for businesses
The Beat ecosystem is designed for both individuals and entire organizations. It is expected that the most extensive group of its users will be companies that want to encourage their employees to go to the gym. Thanks to Beat, they will be able to control the employment of staff and reward him for the productive time spent by redeemable tokens. The result of this approach will be active and healthy employees who are less likely to miss work due to illness or poor health.

The Beat platform has its own tokens. The creators of the ecosystem promise the opportunity to trade them on major exchanges immediately after the end of the main round of ICO.
The developers do not set a minimum investment threshold and intend to burn all unsold tokens. The Beat team encourages early investors with a 50% bonus on all purchased tokens.

Uniqueness. Beat is the first ecosystem that allows people to share their sports results in exchange for tokens of ever-increasing value. This project, while not having worthy competitors, is beneficial to people, and therefore it is expected that the demand for it will constantly grow.
Reliable team. It consists of 140 employees and 40 developers with experience in creating projects based on the block chain. Particular attention is paid to the promotion of the project, which is engaged in professional marketers. Beat platform managers work in Hamburg, Berlin, Hong Kong, Moscow and Silicon valley.
Solid partner. The creators of the ecosystem are already actively cooperating with outstanding representatives of the sports industry: Matrix, InBody, Life Fitness. Among the Beat partners can also be identified companies like Gantner, CoCardless, Fieldfisher.

Beat is an ecosystem that can become a real revolution in the world of sports. With its additional sources of funding, it will give people a powerful boost to a healthy lifestyle. The popularization of the sport to which the Beat team is so eager will have a positive impact on the health of millions of people from all over the world. Now the platform is gaining rapid popularity in Germany. Probably soon it will be a success in other European countries.

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Author: Michael Page.

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