Beer Saturday, Eindhoven Pubcrawl

Craft beer culture in different countries. The amount and the quality of what you can find is so non-comparable even for some the neighboring countries. Switzerland is surely not one of the richest beer cultures, so every time I am abroad I love to find something new!

In Poland at #Steemfest I also had some nice beers with the German Squad ( really it felt like a German gathering for some reason!), but not so much the home crafted small breweries, but Eindhoven was showing its finest game with me on my last visit


After visiting the 'Robot Love' expo last weekend and ending up being kind of disappointed there was one thing left to do: Hit the craft beer cafe's.

These 100 Watt series are one of multiple local Eindhoven crafts (Eindhoven is called the City of Light, because the old Philips lighting factories were located here) that I ended up finding that evening. But do you think you I took more pictures of those of remember any names? Not a chance


Maybe that was because this 75 Watt triple was the first beer of the pubcrawl. Quite ambitious I would call it! I didn't like the the Euforie beer that much but that might be because IPAs are not always my beste friends.


I did end up having some IPAs eventually later in the evening. Like my friend said:

'Its just like with women, they start to look better after some more beers'

My friend also has an app where he registers which beers he had with pictures and all. I saw him reach 1892 (!!!!!!) that evening and wasn't sure if I was shocked or proud! But the fact is, an app like that is great to keep track of what you have discovered already

Anyway, must do's when you are in the city: Van Moll on the Keizersgracht, Drinkerscafe on the Kerkstraat, and Leefcafe het Spiegelbeeld on the Dommelstraat. Go for it!!

If anybody can get me one of those perfect beerglasses you will have my vote forever!

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