Tasting beers on Beer Saturday

Last Saturday I had the opportunity to go a craft beer tasting festival in my neighborhood. For a lot of people this might sound as super normal, but here in Switzerland good craft beer is hard to find.

I was delighted that a beer loving friend was willing to join me with the words “Don’t worry, I am not doing this for you, I just want to taste good craft beers.”

And so we went to crypto paradise Zug for some well deserved beers.


I totally loved the concept. Multiple small craft beers breweries were presenting their products, and they were also all competing in a competition for the people choice award.

Below you can see the people's choices beers where we were all allowed to vote on. As you see the choice on just the competition beers was already quite divers. We all got tokens that you could anonymously drop at your favorite brewery as a vote.


Apart from tasting beers the set up was also very nice and also very unswiss I have to say. With picnic benches outside and even some local rock bands playing inside it was a very laid back setting to catch up with my friend and talk about life. (Maybe the fact that mostly expats were attending (Zug has a ridiculous expat community) was helping with the fact that it was so laid back)


It was cool that most of the breweries brought all of their brewing kettles and they were very willing to discuss what they were presenting. I learned a lot about the beers, and got again thinking about home brewing (but I don't really have the space for it unfortunately, damnnnn)


I am a big sucker for Belgian style strong blonde beers and I was in luck to find and try some. Currently I feel that double IPAs are the trend but this is not really my preferable choice if I am honest. But I surely reached my blonde beer quotum and I was totally happy with that.

In the train on my way back I was sitting next to the dude who won the contest and he was also able to tell me about a craft beer cafe in my hometown Luzern that I didn't know, so already of that it was a big success!

Switzerland needs more craft beers!!

This is my entrance for this weeks #beersaturday competition hosted by @detlev. I am hoping we will all meet up at #steemfest to do the proper beersaturday beerlovers meeting there.

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