Hello again, I'm here to inform you about this great cryptocurrency exchange that will challenge the status quo and change the perception of people about the state of cryptocurrency exchanges in the blockchain ecosystem. This project I'm about to let you know is on another level so read this article with rapt attention.

The great project and amazing decentralized Exchange is none other than COOPEX which stands for COOPerative EXchange.

We all know that the current state of cryptocurrency exchanges in the blockchain ecosystem is not ideal, difficult to understand, ambiguous, and biased to say the least. The status quo cannot continue like this because it is hindering the rise and expansion of the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry as a whole, killing new projects because they are unable or struggling with being listed on reputable exchanges - irrespective of whether they have userbase and merit it. What about the mouthwatering and ludicrous fees that cryptocurrency exchanges charge to list a new project or token while reluctantly and annoyingly slow to do so, even with the exorbitant fees they have received. As a result of this, the credibility of the team will take hit and the project will be ruin before it even started, leaving investors to be counting their losses.

How about the high trading fees these exchanges charge their users for every action they take and transaction they make? High deposit fees, high trading fees, high withdrawal fees and all these fees go to the exchange, leaving users wondering where are all these charges go.

If you are reading this, congratulations, because all is about to change with the best cryptocurrency exchange: COOPEX

What does COOPEX bring to table that you have seen before, you ask?

Well COOPEX intends to ameliorate these serious issues by rewarding their loyal exchange users, allowing them to reap rewards for their activity and trading, at the same time giving their users power and voice in the voting and project listing processes.

COOPEX stands for COOPerative EXchange. Collaboration and liason with their users is the driving idea and mission fueling the exchange. Based of the ideas that users should and can reap rewards through the success of the exchange.

At COOPEX, the users and investors will have an input regarding what tokens to be listed as well as major decisions the exchange make. Thus, the success of the COOPEX will lie in part with the users, so maximum satisfaction of the exchange users is what the team behind this exchange is after.

Also at COOPEX, transparency is of utmost important, so the exchange will be forthcoming with its users of its processes and policies. Cool, right? They also have zero tolerance for insider trading.

As I have already mentioned, the current exchanges charge their users exorbitant fees, SO COOPEX team have decided to create and exchange that gives large amounts of trading fees back to its users and investors. How would they do this?

Firstly, they plan to lock maker fee to 0.20% and the taker fee to 0.25%. There will be zero deposit fees at COOPEX, and withdrawal fees will be that it will just be sufficient to process the transaction.

Secondly, listing of ERC tokens at COOPEX will be zero, as long as the exchange is able to maintain solvency. This is difficult feat to achieve because running exchange is expensive, but the team is confident that the exchange can be run using ICO funds as well as a small percentage of trading fees. And even if they need to charge some little amount for listing, their users will have a say through voting before any decision can be made.

The COOPEX project and the team is committed to decentralization, and the reason isn’t far-fetched. There are many security concerns associated with running a centralized exchange. The team are taking every steps to ensure the security of COOPEX.


The Cooperative Exchange Token (COOP) is the native COOPEX platform token. COOPEX is running an ICO of the COOP token.

Pre-ICO with 50% discount from June 15th to July 1st

  • Full ICO from July 3rd to August 3rd
Full ICO from July 3rd to August 3rd

  • Total supply : 12 million COOP tokens.
Total supply : 12 million COOP tokens.

Pre-ICO price : $0.05





To find out more about COOPEX projects, go to the following links


Author: Lateef Olayiwola

Bounty0x’s username: abayomiola

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