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Today you will not surprise anyone with a site where you can play free gambling. Nowadays, entertainment on the Internet is quite common, there are many relevant sites that are already known as reliable playgrounds. Now the network has more than 15,000 online resources that have chosen to specialize in gambling. There are both world famous companies and young services. One thing is known for sure, the interest in this kind of razvlicheny remains very popular, which means that this area in the future will develop. With the advent of blockchain technology, many companies are trying to convey this kind of entertainment to this technology, because it is very convenient, and thanks to the blockchain technology, everything becomes transparent. And this is very important in the area of gambling entertainment.

The Betform project also decided to try its hand in this area, and, in my opinion, it has every chance of becoming successful. Let's disassemble the project details.

Betform is a social making a bet platform powered by means of smart Contracts. It connect blockchain era to the real world through supplying decentralized gaming network. All of key operations including prevailing paid out, and quarterly rewards are all regulated by using smart Contracts. The main goal of the Betform project is to become a platform that will be the highest platform in the social betting segment. The most convenient platform for users with a large range of block games for a wide range of users, while adhering to high standards and providing its players with complete security, and all this at maximum speed and for a low fee.

When we play a game, we are united by the desire to play honestly and without cheating, relying on the honesty of not only our opponents, but also the online platform where these games are sometimes held. But often everything is not transparent as we think.
One of the challenges encountered is an issue of a very poor degree related to competitive attitude among sport enthusiasts globally due to the lack of an ideal competitive platform. The traditional system is archaic, manually controlled and filled with intermediaries. An unfair ecosystem causes loss of financial gains as prohibitive sports betting annually.
The Betform project is trying to eliminate all these shortcomings.

= The platform is completely safe and confidential, since its work is based on a block chain and is regulated by intellectual contracts.
= Creating an account is a very easy and understandable procedure. The interface is very convenient, and is divided into sections – shops, leagues, awards, friends. You can also choose the design for your avatar, table, dealer or carpet.
= Players might anytime access and ensure all of the cardboard games history.
= As with other platforms related to blockchain, Betform users receive a certain reward for performing a number of actions.
= For me as an investor, the fact that the platform already has a working application is very important, which you can download and see how it works.

= You have a great opportunity not only to invite your friends and acquaintances to take part in the game at the same table, but also to join someone else's game at the table, make new friends and acquaintances.
= There are strict rules placed by the platform in which fans avoid patronizing illegal systems.
= smart contract technology also eliminates redundancy in the collection of personal data and simplifies the registration process, ensuring that token holders are reliably supported by specific legal opinions. Changing the results and transactions completely eliminated, in fact this is not possible on the platform.
= the platform has already gathered its soft cap and raised a total of more than 40% of the hard cap on the pre-sale.

= Our platform operation is regulated by licensing jurisdiction.
= At the end of each quarter, the intellectual contracts of this platform will allocate 35% of revenue per quarter as a bonus for the Texas Tournament and Big 2 Top tournaments, respectively.
= At the end of each quarter, the platform’s smart contracts automatically burn 5% of the commission. This will reduce the token feed, increasing the value of the Betform Coin bet.

Betform coin is utility token that is built on ERC20 principled. Betform platform is built in such a way that every transaction is carried out on the platform. And the good of the platform is, the token would be traded for free without charges on several exchanges.
TOTAL SUPPLY : 240,000,000
HARD CAP : USD16,900,000
PRESALE : 1st October 2018
OPEN SALE : 8th January 2019

I think that hardly anyone doubts the popularity of gambling, which over the years have become more interesting and accessible.
For me, the project is one of the most promising companies that are currently conducting their own IСO, and I made such an opinion based on the above advantages, the project has a great future and a good team with experienced specialists in this field, all this gives the company a huge advantage over its competitors Also, the project received high ratings on well-known ICO editions, all this suggests that success is guaranteed.

Website: https://www.betformcoin.io/
Whitepaper: https://www.betformcoin.io/Betform-White%20paper%202018_03.pdf
ANN THREAD: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5032072
Telegram: https://t.me/BetformOfficial
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Betform2
Medium: https://medium.com/betform
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Betform/

My Bitcointalk profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=997383
my group in the telegram: https://t.me/trofim_2

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