The good news is for those who like to bet on sports and need periodic adrenaline spikes. Over the development of new exclusive Bettium decentralized platform that will work on the innovative blockchain technology.

Bettium: architecture
The platform is more than a game. Bettium is a great way to train your analytical skills and develop your intuition. It is designed for p2p peer-to-peer betting. Many interesting features become available to users, as the platform is based on a unique blockchain architecture.

Betting strategies will help shape and implement Merlin-a smart and strong assistant. Users will be able to perform a variety of individual strategies, based on the powerful artificial intelligence Merlin.

At the same time, the classic experience of the players is also relevant for the platform. Those who are used to focus on the successful experience of the players, the opportunity to subscribe to the profile forecasts and follow them step by step. It is even allowed to hire a specialist for an additional fee.

Bettium: advantages
The unique experience of the creators is that all the coefficients are not calculated by an abstract summator or some third-party bookmakers. They are regulated by the participants who play against each other, which makes the presence in the Bettium field tangible and even more interesting.

It is important that the platform has not become an intermediate product. It is filled with tools for Analytics and a variety of options, thanks to which players have the opportunity to make informed decisions.

The influx of users to Bettium is stimulated by The fact that the fee here is less compared to conventional bookmakers: 0.15% against 10%. The functionality of the platform unifies the playing field between experienced users and those who are just trying themselves in this field. Moreover, the platform is not tied to the geographical factor, it is possible to play from any point of the globe.

The advantages Bettium applies:

No limit on bets.
Minimum commission.
Localization of analytical and statistical data in one place.
Security (transparency of transactions allows you to control all processes).
Instant payment.
The alignment of the field of the game (platform averages and evens the players). Each of them has the same level of access to the tools.
Autonomy. Technical problems in the operation of the platform are excluded due to its decentralization.
We also note the convenient ergonomics of the platform. The whole innovation Toolkit for the analysis and forecasting localized in a single window. At the same time, all transactions and payments in tokens depend on one block chain. This ensures instant payments.

Bettium: functionality
As for the functionality of the platform, it is different variety. A nice bonus for the players will be the opportunity to customize their individual interface based on the preferred analytical tools or based on the sports theme.

the user success of the platform is determined by a close-knit team of professionals who are ready to share their energy with the players, providing them with the most effective and elegant tools for analytical processing of their data. Platform Bettium success is ensured due to the special flexibility and security.

The website of the project:
White paper:


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