Sing it Loud Show starts in fews hours on Flaming Helpers Discord Server.

Dear Friends,

Welcome to my blog. Hope you all are getting set for the Christmas celebration. It's another Sunday and that means it's another opportunity to have fun in the presence of God during the show tonight.

What show is it?

It's the sing it loud with @edwin23 and @mosun-omotunde and this also happens to be the second edition. But before then, let me tell you all what the show is all about.

What's Sing It Loud all about?

Sing It Loud is a singing show/concert that you come and sing any gospel song of your choice. Interestingly you must not have a nice voice. Just come and enjoy yourself with other Brethren in God's presence.

I'm very aware and I'm sure that everyone of us sing as long as we have a mouth. We sing everyday sometimes whether we are working, bathing, walking on the road, etc. But in this show, we would be taking it to another level as this time around, we will be Singing it Loud to God. You don't necessarily have to be a very good singer or have a heavenly voice, as long as you are okay with the way your voice sounds and you know that God is pleased with you singing to Him, then you should be present at the show.


God lives in worship and praises. Come and enjoy yourself while praising God in the beauty of His holiness.

Sing it Loud is more a show. It's a vision.

Rules Guiding the Show

The show holds every SUNDAY and starts at 7pm UTC, 8pm Nigeria Time on @flaminghelpers discord server Here

Everyone participating must indicate by dropping an Emoji that would be given by the host by at most 25 Minutes after the show kicks off.

Every participant would say the title of the song he or she is doing and name of the singer.

At the end of all the presentations, the best 3 singers will be chosen by our GUEST JUDGES yea, you heard me very well. Lol!

The top 3 winners will be rewarded with 20 Dbread, 15 Dbread and 10 Dbread respectively.

Everyone is a winner as tokens will be distributed to everyone that participated.

Each week has a Theme as it would help in giving direction and the theme will be announced at the end of every show.

Last week edition proper was amazing with over 19 attendees and 10 participants. We had 2 great judges in the persons of @samest and @emekasegun.

The theme for this week is "Christmas Song", so get your Christmas songs ready as we all anticipates the festive period. See you all soon.

Thank you for reading and may God give you the right understanding to know the word of God in depth in Jesus name Amen.


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See you next time. Remained blessed of God.

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