BitClave - a new solution for consumers and entrepreneurs

To attract a new audience or to bring a new proposal to the client, companies are forced to spend huge money on advertising. On theory, one of the most popular and effective types of advertising is Internet advertising, because this type of advertising is able to embrace a wider audience, but is it really so. Unfortunately, the customer does not always get the desired result, often advertising can get lost among other banners, or even worse, get into the spam box, because most advertisements in the form of mailings do not even open. Moreover, customers can not always be sure of the authenticity of the traffic provided, 50% of all advertising traffic is generated by bots. 

The advertising market is estimated at $ 550 billion and most of it comes from network marketing, but in practice, many companies are convinced that this kind of advertising leads to more losses than good. The ineffectiveness of advertising leads to inflated prices, because the total costs are included in the cost of the final product and as a result, consumers pay twice as much, so if most companies use the BitClave platform, they will be able to achieve not only effective advertising, but also affect pricing product.

The task of BitClave is to help companies interact with customers directly without intermediaries. Using the BitClave search engine, users will be able to monitor their personal data and receive rewards when the company will use customer data and make promotional offers. The advantage of BitClave is that companies can focus their proposals on a specific audience, which will help achieve fair prices and benefit both sides. Rewards can entice users with their data and be confident that they will not be resold to third parties, as Google or Facebook does. In cases of BitClave, users themselves can control the confidentiality of their data and not become a victim.

The block will provide security, control information in a decentralized environment and help to comply with all legal regulations, in a word, there are no interested parties in the block, so users can be sure of the security of their data.

BitClave is a set of services that can help you perform data searches, provide anonymity and encourage participation in advertising campaigns. The BitClave search system will allow you to directly contact customers who have been searching for a particular product and service. The concept of a search engine is based on the collection of data about the user's actions. The ecosystem is formed by data collected in an anonymous registry and personal data that users provide at will.

With the help of the BitClave platform, companies will be able to optimize their investments in advertising and achieve the desired result. BitClave is focused on the whole market, so he calls on all entrepreneurs to become part of this ecosystem. Ecosystem will create a successful environment for both customers and entrepreneurs, both sides will benefit.

Tokens BitClave (CAT), will be assigned for the accrued, payments and will be used as an incentive.The search system will help solve the problems arising between consumers and businesses. BitClave services can also be used by search, ranking and analytics providers. A user who submits his data to the register will receive CAT rewards with tokens if the seller reacts to this request with his offer.

BitClave also plans to release a mobile application with a search engine. In the application, users can create interests and perform searches for a specific category of service or product. Retailers and service providers who can fulfill a request for the interest of the user can submit proposals to the client with appropriate payment incentives so that they can view or respond to the offer.

All collected funds during the ICO, BitClave plans to invest in developed projects. The total number of issued tokens is 2,000,000,000. The company's goal is to collect $ 25,547,000. The collected funds will be distributed as follows: 38% only for the development of the project, 7% of the total revenue will be allocated for administrative issues, 37% for the growth and maintenance of the global community, 5% for marketing activities and partnerships, 5% for legal issues and 8% for contingencies.

Until 2019, the company plans to scale the project, develop a fully ecosystem and conclude new partnerships. In implementing this idea BitClave, help such partners as: Bancor, STORJ, ERC20FUND and others.

For more detailed information about the project and the terms of participation, I recommend to visit the links below:

WEB page: 

White paper: 



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