Bitcoin Air - Eliminating Crytocurrency’s Volatility Through Air Protocol Technology


Many people I have exposed to crytocurrency often reluctant to invest in it, the ones that do invest are doing so on a trial basis. The issue of frequent price fluctuations and pendulum swing is the culprit. They do not trust crytocurrencies enough as something worth investing in, and their argument is that they can lose half of their investments in one crazy dump or make 50% profits of their investment in one crazy pump. This phenomenon, according to them, make crytocurrencies a gamble at best which swing back and forth often a lot. Crytocurrency as it is, tends to change in a very sudden or extreme way which puts many off and preventing widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies by business community, developers, and industries. Fortunately for us, when it seems that there is no solution to this issue of volatility in sight, Bitcoin Air is here to ensure that the issue of volatility of prices against US dollar in cryptocurrency resulting from manipulation, no regulation etc. becomes a thing of the past.

About Bitcoin Air

Bitcoin Air's primary aim is to resolve the biggest issue confronting crytocurrency which is volatility. The team behind Bitcoin Air envisioned that if there is decentralized payment system and a decentralized reserves system that can operate at 100% trust free and the central power is decentralized, then the issue of volatility of cryptocurrency can be easily defeated. Bitcoin Air is a unique product that will lead to massive adoption of cryptocurrencies with its innovative technology- Air Protocol technology. With this technology, users can be of rest assured that the value of their Bitcoin Air by the amazing technology of Air Protocol.

Bitcoin Air's Air Protocol technology gives all the power to users as they can choose to locking their Bitcoin Air in the USD value in relation to Carbon Credit Asset Backing.

Two essential features will be utilized by Bitcoin Air through Air Protocol to ensure that the value of user’s coins are secure at all times, they are 'off chain' and 'on chain’. With off chain and Air Protocol, consumers can initiate what is regarded as "spend" or "swap" protocol that will burn portion of supply and mint an exact value in USD Air Protocol (USDAP) on the side chain. This process will ensure that the static value of Bitcoin Air will be maintained based on the amount of USDAP available. What makes the off chain process unique and Bitcoin Air project a well thought project is that during the off chain, the circulating supply of Bitcoin Air will be reduced, as well as as available market cap, which means that the off chain process has burned the tokens. This implies that users can no longer fall victim to market volatile nature as they can now "side chain" their value. Air Protocol will be store on a ledger that users control and have access to at all times.

The "on chain" will allow users to reenter the market. This process simply entails burning of USDAP and minting of Bitcoin Air at the prevailing rate. By doing this, Bitcoin Air's circulating supply will increase as well as market cap so as guarantee that users are not negatively affected. Just like off chain reducing Bitcoin Air circulation supply, same, thing will apply to USDAP as the burning will lower its circulation supply.

Bitcoin Air is working toward making crytocurrency something that will be widely adopted by making it easy for newest and existing members to make use of it for their day-to-day business activities. There are many available technology that will power Bitcoin Air's off-chain and on-chain features which will allow for implementation of Air Protocol in order to ensure that users coins are secure at all times. These technologies include but not limited to Atomic Swap, Lightening Network, and Segregated Witness.

Bitcoin Air will make available mobile and tablet applications that will make off-chain feature something that can be easily be operated by Bitcoin Air's consumer and merchant protocols. Bitcoin Air's applications will allow users to spend/burn their token whenever they desire to keep it safe from market volatility.

Consumers needs not to worry as Bitcoin Air was built around security, transparency and scalability which will be fully driven by community, and you know what? It's powered by dual-chain blockchain.


There are several blockchain projects that promised and are promising to address one issue or the other, but Bitcoin Air brings to table what other projects are not which is addressing what is preventing crytocurrency to be widely adopted. With Bitcoin Air, many will have confidence to invest in crytocurrency because volatility, the bane of cryptocurrency has been defeated. Bitcoin Air will attract newest members, business community, and several industries in no time.

Congratulations all, Bitcoin Air is the project we have all been waiting for.


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