Blockshipping is a new solution to the old problem!

Dear readers, I recently wrote several articles about a new kind of containers for transportation of various products.

Today we will return to the discussion of conventional containers and their transportation.

In general, I want to say that I work in the field of transport - railway transport, so the topic of logistics, transportation, transport containers is very interesting to me.

So, working in the field of logistics, I noticed for a long time that the largest growth in volumes has recently occurred in container transportation. At the same time in this type of transportation there is a big problem in accounting and tracking of containers.

Containers are moved by almost any kind of transport, and to determine where a particular container is located is a big problem. As an example, the container arrived on the wagon to the terminal, unloaded and stands.

After that, he was taken by car to the port and sent to the ship. No one has given this information to the railway workers and they still think that the container is on the terminal. And they can well suggest the next client to use it.

I think that in future proceedings nobody will like the fact that neither the railroad workers nor the new customer will find his container.

The idea that Blockshipping offers us primarily concerns maritime transport, but in the future it will certainly spread to others, as the team plans to cover all the containers.

After the implementation of this idea, each participant will have a common platform and general information. At any given time, everyone will know where the particular container is!

About how to participate in the development of this project you can learn by studying more information.

For this I leave the links:

website –

telegram group -

AnnThread -

Bountythread –

My account on bitcointalk -;u=1567975

And remember - the final investment decision is always yours!

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