Wemark - Caring for your "creation"

 Soon I will have a daughter. At her birth, I will present her with several WemarkTokens (WMK). 

 And I ask my wife to write it down in a family photo album next to the photo where I hold my daughter. 

 Of course, this act will surprise all my relatives. But he certainly will not surprise my daughter in the future. She would rather be surprised at the paper photo album in which this record will be made. )) I don’t even have to tell her what to do with the cryptocurrency.! 

 After all, in its reality, all information, including photos, will be transmitted digitized with the use of blockchain technology. All photos will be licensed by the authors. Wemark right now offers photographers a ticket into such a future. 

 I'm sure my daughter will grow up beautiful. It can help her to become a fashion model and make an excellent living by it. 

 Wemark offers photographers who are joining them today a lifetime 85% royalty (85% royalties). And if the author of an excellent image gets a good payment for his work, then his model will receive a good reward! 

 All this I'll tell my girl when she grows up. And she will know that her dad was looking to the future. She will understand that my gift - WemarkTokens - is taking care of her.
Here's the position of the creators of Wemark:   "Support photographers - licensing photos directly from creators means they get to keep much more of their work".
 And maybe my daughter will become a professional photographer. She will create the most beautiful photos and hold her photo exhibitions. And then my gift will also be useful to her. 

 My gift is the right choice. This is confirmed by 3000+ professional photographers who have already joined Wemark. 

 Wemark is a growing community of leading independent photographers licensing their photos directly to customers, with no agency involved. 

 For each photographer, his creation like his child. I am «the author» of my daughter. I understand everyone who wants to take care of their child and preserve their copyright. ))) 

 I wish everyone to dream and take care of their loved ones. As Wemark takes care of the creators of beautiful photographs. 

 If you want to make the same original gift as me, then now is a great time for this. The sale of WemarkToken (WMK) started on May 7 and will last until the end of June. The price of one WMK is $ 0.2. It's cheap for a great gift for life! 

If you want to know more about Wemark — visit:

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