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Bitcoin without attachments

The site has been working steadily since 2013.

What it is necessary to do and it is possible?

  1. Every hour, when it's not too lazy to poke captcha and get your own a couple of dozen
    satosha for free. A timer appears - the hour will pass - you can click again.
  2. Sometimes to activate bonus (they are piling up)
    and will be able to receive significantly more, but only for 1 day. You can get 100-200 satoshi per hour, as an example.
  3. Sometimes people win the lottery, tickets from you appear automatically,
    after "poking" captcha. All is fair. My friend so won 0.7 cue ball (this is thousands of 300 000 rubles).
  4. How to dial 30 000 satosh can free to display on your wallet,
    I deduced many times (already 9 times) - all fairly and works.
  5. For those, it will not deduce and leave - charged 4.08% on the balance, every day. It is convenient and pleasant. What can not be done?
  6. Play Multiply BTC. It's like a casino, thanks to him and the unintentional, losing there their satoshi - the site has been working for 4 years,
    stably earning.
  7. Start your bitcoins to receive 4% per annum. Psychology will work against you, you want to play Multiply - Casino and lose. Bypass the Multiply BTC button with the side, I warned.
    So. Just poke, when not difficult, 5-10 times a day, get on any balance of 4% per annum (this is normal%. Those who have higher - reliability zero) and you can earn up to 1000r per month.
    Maybe more, it all depends only on your gray matter and not the desire to do grudges.
    And if bitcoin grows to 1 million dollars?
    the whole state will be.
    I understand, not everyone believes, but I have already deduced 0.15 cue from this site. Good luck to all!
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