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Blocksims is the first decentralized blockchain based mobile service Telecom Company which aims to provide mobile voice and data service to the large segment of the five Billion smartphone users worldwide. This not just a replacement for the mobile device, but allow the users to earn revenue. BLOCKSIMS focuses on providing telecommunication and network services, which use technology as the basis for the development of the Platform.

Blocksims provide a Sim card which can be inserted into an unlocked smartphone. It provides unlimited, free mobile voice and data services. All service costs are covered by advertising revenue. Blocksims uses Consensus model through blockchain technology for transaction authentication, which eliminates the need for third-party intermediary and ensures the transparent, verifiable and secured transactions among participants.

BLOCKSIMS Is a factor that focuses on providing telecommunication and network services, which use technology as the basis for the development of the Platform. BLOCKSIMS aims to combine telecommunications services with the renewable and sustainable Blockchain technology, which will result in a secure and transparent telecommunication service for users. Unlike most telecom services, BLOCKSIMS does not charge users for any calls or short messages sent by them, otherwise, BLOCKSIMS provides incentives to users of advertising revenue earned by BLOCKSIMS. BLOCKSIMS will change Telecommunication system become more revolutionary and better than traditional technology today.


BLOCK SIM aims to resolve all the problems associated with traditional telecommunication networking by offering BLOCK SIM cards which allows unlimited data and voice connectivity from the revenue generated through digital advertisements. We strive to enable seamless distribution of information by developing new revenue channels and eliminating the role of intermediary from the process when people are being connected through tele communicational networkin


With substantial growth of this nature, Telecom industry is facing some problems of grave nature. Problems such as packages that perform overcharging of customers, data privacy breaches and security issues, speed issues and high cost charges of using the service.


BLOCK SIM which is a decentralized payment gateway for existing telecom networks— that aims to resolve the problems associated with traditional telecommunication by deploying it on Blockchain.
Our research suggests that, as opposed to a controlled, centralized telecommunication system like the traditional networks being operated globally, a decentralized approach would provide better security, privacy, lower charges and seamless communication from an end-user perspective. Thus, adding blockchain into this equation must offer some measureable and quantifiable benefits to current operations as well as towards the enablement of future opportunities.


• Visibility Offered: BLOCKSIMS is based on the distributed sharing model—allowing all users to access the ledger. It eliminates the possibility of centralized control, single points of failure and risk of hacking attacks by keeping distributed copies of the ledger across the network, thus providing the users a trust they lacked in centralized telecom networks.

• Speed and Efficiency: Being a decentralized technology, BLOCKSIMS blockchain completely eliminate the role of expensive infrastructure as well as the need for central authorities or intermediaries. It increases the speed of digital exchange of data between people, departments and provides quicker, efficient and seamless transmission of information.

• Security and Encryption: All transactions happening within the BLOCKSIMS ecosystem are encrypted through the combination of public and private keys. It combines cryptography and digital signatures to prove identity and its sequential block formation pattern of the Blockchain eliminates the possibility of tampering historical records.


We invite you to enlarge this Platform, to reach the Broader Society. We will release the Token under the name "SIM Token"


Token distribution

Funds Allocation


BLOCKSIMS believes that with a solid and reliable team and system, BLOCKSIMS can provide Users, a secure and powerful Telecommunication Format, and provide Users with various advantages and conveniences that can enhance their experience in using telecommunication networks. Team BLOCKSIMS also believes that with systematic and professional development, Team BLOCKSIMS can build a better platform than similar platforms.


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