Capital Technologies & Research ICO REVIEW

The Blockchain is a rapidly growing technology that is engulfing every possible business domain. Therefore, many reports published have predicted a huge rise in the Blockchain market. According to reports, the Blockchain market is expected to extend to over 20 billion dollars by 2024. It is counted in one of the most promising new technologies that are hoped to change the future of businesses and the internet.
Basically the rise of cryptocurrency and subsequent attention brought to blockchain technology has prompted nearly every industry to evaluate the benefits of integrating the technology into their operations. One such firm at the forefront of blockchain innovation is CAPITAL TECHNOLOGIES AND RESEARCH

Capital Technologies&Research is creating a digital world for the prospect. Capital Technologies&Research is heading the path in novetly, and it put to alternate economic and social landscape of digital media and interaction ecosustem of large increase and opportunity.
Capital Technologies And Research will build a computerized environment for the future, and the goal is to revolutionize communication between users. Resubmitting communications between multiple random nodes to decentralize private calls and voice messages, making it more accessible and cheaper to users.

If the current trend of the telecommunications industry continues and does not stop technology blockchain, all the power and resources of the industry will fall into the hands of a few. To counter this trend, Capital Technologies & Research is building a digital ecosystem for the future. Capital Technologies & Research leads the way of innovation and is intended to change the economic and social landscape of digital media and communications around the world, with the aim of building a telecommunications base and ecosystems for high growth and growth. potential.

As the leading decentralized provider of private speech and messaging, Capital Technologies and Research will revolutionize today’s telecommunications industry by changing the economic and social landscape of digital media and communications around the world.

For convenience, Capital Technologies & Research uses Ethereum (ETH) as a platform for primary distribution and digital money management software contracts. There are several reasons for this decision.

Crowdsale is based on ERC20, with an advanced intelligent algorithm that will calculate its use. It can be used to transfer funds, remittances, payments, B2C, etc.

As the leading provider of decentralized private voice and messaging, Capital (CALL) and CapitalGAS (CALLG) will revolutionize the current telecommunications industry by providing the following:

NO INFLATION: Appears in the total offer of CapitalCoins. This will help to avoid deflation and increase the money supply. Prices will increase with rising demand and currency hold down.

DECENTRALIZATION: Capital Technologies & Research uses a Blockchain database that is not controlled by any party. This allows the distribution of digital data, but not the copying. He has no single point of failure. All transactions are recorded live, transparent and distributed on multiple servers.

INSTANT TRANSFER FROM PERSONAL TO PERSONAL CIRCUIT VALUES are completely decentralized, designed to function as a trading unit without reliance on the central server. Use open protocol to facilitate secure payment transactions.

SECURITY: Third parties have no access to personal information because they are encrypted. In addition, digital assets are reserved to a portfolio that only users can access. Based on the latest technology of intelligent technology Ethereum Blockchain.

CONFIDENTIAL: Users can enjoy the benefits of using public channel blocks while they are confident that their private information is protected.

Simply download money: As long as the recipient is connected to the Internet, users can send Capital CALL and CapitalGAS anywhere in the world in seconds.


We are focused on creating a decentralized e-commerce ecosystem in Blockchain. This means there is no central server, no intermediaries, and that the system functions fully encrypted.

In order to capture various users, we have created a scalable platform that is a simple, yet effective ecosystem at Ethereum Blockchain, where users can take part in a decentralized private voice and messaging system.

The key advantage of this project is that it is based on blockchain technology. First, the communication between users is 100% secure and authenticated: the digital signature mechanism allows for executing transactions quickly and safely. The risk of fraud is close to a zero, and makes the process accountable. The transaction history cannot be forged, though it can be shared and shown to third parties. With blockchain technology, there’s room for development: once an operation is executed, records cannot be deleted. The only way to correct a mistake is to make another transaction to compensate. Besides, the blockchain makes the transactions and data exchange authentic: the more information is shared, the stronger a network gets.



Our modular construction built no scalabilities problems, heading method to multi-platform annex growth.

Real-Time Communication

Datas are encoded, chunked into minor various parts allocated to nodes that transmit them across the web, connect and decoded at purpose.

Protects your Identity

Interaction relying on blockchain technology, hide your true identity by having multiple sampling nodes.

Smart Payment System

Nodes include the liberty of option; carrier can put their cost depending to their equipment fee.

Capital Coin

Capital Technologies&Research will be producing a computerized world for what is to appear and is balanced overturn interaction between users. By relying interaction between numerous random nodes in order to a decentralized personal voice calls and messages, doing it more available and more profitable for users. But how Capital Coin work?


Capital Technologies & Research will provide its users with unlimited private voice calling and messaging services.

Masternodes will be involved in voice calling between its users as relays, and will come with 4 levels of anonymity:

Masternodes will be rewarded for their contribution to the network for relaying data with a variable reward per minute, and users will decide which path to choose based on considerations such as price and speed.

The overriding ambition of Capital Technologies & Research is to drastically reduce and, if possible, eliminate all monthly fees to users. The revenues that are today generated from users of private voice calling and messaging service will be replaced by revenues from digital advertising, thus allowing Capital Technologies & Research and its Coin holders to earn revenues of Capital (CALL)/CapitalGAS (CALLG) while eliminating costly monthly mobile phone bills.

Unlike centralized telecom carriers who charge monthly fee for private voice calling and messaging usage, international roaming and overage usage, Capital Technologies & Research will charge no monthly fees.

The vision is to create and operate the first decentralized private voice calling and messaging provider that will disrupt and thrive within the current telecommunication industry.


CO Structure: A total of 52 500 000 Capital (CALL) and 10 500 000 000 CapitalGAS (CALLG) will be available during the Pre-ICO and ICO sale.

Each user will receive 200 CapitalGAS (CALLG) for each Capital (CALL) bought. (1 CALL = 200 CALLG)


Total Supply: 105 000 000 Capital (CALL) and 21 000 000 000 CapitalGAS (CALLG)

Total Amount available for this ICO:

52 500 000 Capital (CALL)

10 500 000 000 CapitalGAS (CALLG)

Coin Value: $0.35 - $1

Minimum Investment: 0.01 ETH

Maximum Investment: 1500 ETH

The Capital Technologies & Research private sale is slated to begin on 1st of July 2018 while the Pre-sale will be launched on 31th of July 2018.

ICO will be made on the Ethereum blockchain with all data stored on the ETH Blockchain.

After the completion of a successful crowd sale, tokens from ETH will be swapped into the Proof of Work custom made Equihash (GPU minable) algorithm and custom made Aragon2d (CPU minable) algorithm in a ratio 1:1.

Swap will be done by each individual user from the downloadable wallet available when main network launches.

The ICO will distribute 50% of total supply of Capital (CALL) and 50% of total supply of CapitalGAS (CALLG).

Capital Capital (CALL) and CapitalGAS (CALLG) in crowdsale are based on ERC20, with an advanced smart con-tract algorithm that will calculate usage. It can be used to transfer funds, remittances, make payments, B2C, etc. After crowdsale ends and main network launch, both CALL and CALLG will be minable.


2018 TBD
Private sale starts (will be distributed 1% of the total supply) –$1.5 (1 CALL & 200 CALLG)

2018 TBD
Pre-ICO starts (will be distributed 4% of the total supply) -$2 (1 CALL & 200 CALLG)

2018 TBD
Main ICO starts (the rest 95% of total supply will be distributed):

First Week $3 (1 CALL & 200 CALLG)

Second Week price increase – $3.3 (1 CALL & 200 CALLG)

Third Week price increase – $3.6(1 CALL & 200 CALLG)

Fourth Week Fourth Week price increase – $4(1 CALL & 200 CALLG)

2018 August
Proof of Work (PoW) Test Network.

2018 November
Integration of private text messages & voice communication into wallets.

2018 December
Test Network Testing & Fixing (users are going to write testimonials about their experience with the blockchain)

2019 January
Main Network Launch (users are invited to use the official wallet of the application)

2019 February
Wallet Update (Swap will become available for users, they will be able to swap their Capital (CALL) token into the Proof of Work Equihash network, CapitalGAS (CALLG) will also swap into Proof of Work Aragon2d network). We will start the development of a private operating system for a new brand of smartphones, based on the Android Operating System.

2019 March
The first smartphone developed by Capital Technologies & Research will become available, with our applications pre-installed.

2019 July
Mass production & distribution of smartphones will start.

2019 August
Development of a private application marketplace (replacement of Google Play marketplace) for our smartphone will start

2019 September
Alpha version of application marketplace will be available for alpha testers

2019 December
Final version of the application marketplace will become available for all users and it will be included into the Smartphone Operating System Update.

2020 January
Research for Internet of Things devices integration with the blockchain.

Above you can see the roadmap — how the team sees their nearest and long-term future.





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