Is Bitcoin Cash Going For The Takeover? (Bitcoin захват денежных средств)

We are experiencing a big surge with the Bitcoin Cash price.  It is up 20% in the last 24 hours. A couple of days ago when the SegWit2X drama was still a thing it was very possible that we would have been left with two crippled SegWit Chains and then Bitcoin Cash could have tried to race in and steal the show!  When that didn't happen it was really hard to tell how everything would be looked at.   Would Bitcoin pull back hard because there weren't going to be any "free coins"  or just keep going up?   Time will tell on that but with no other competition for the most part from other Bitcoin chains Bitcoin Cash could garner more support and start surging hard if some big players sell their Bitcoin for Bitcoin Cash.   

It has wide distribution, 8mb blocks, and lower transaction fees and Roger Ver is putting out hilarious tweets about it.  If nothing else it has to make you laugh!   

As if Bitcoin Cash just snagged a ride and Bitcoin will fall away!  Hahahah 😂  I don't know what will happen but it will be interesting to say the least.   

There is one thing for sure.   I feel like a lot more people are starting to take Bitcoin Cash more seriously. Check out the surge.   It is up to $758 right now! 

What do you guys think?   Can Bitcoin Cash get to 0.5 BTC or something huge like that?   What if Amazon came out and decided to accept Bitcoin Cash because the transaction fees are lower and the blocks aren't all filled up?   

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