Will Electroneum Be The Next DASH? (На Луну?)

Imagine Monero with $40 Million to market and make the currency more user friendly.   That might be what we are looking at with Electroneum.   In this video I explain how DASH did a great job of marketing themselves and despite being a clone coin and questionable ability to anonymize transactions like they were declaring it has went to absurd price levels mainly from effective marketing.   Monero doesn't have a marketing budget set aside like that but Electroneum could potentially take the cryptonote technology into a more user friendly use case and they have the money to market it and the cult following for Electroneum is already there and coming out in droves online on YouTube and other social media platforms.   I have been blown away with how much people are defending the project and how they are attacking people who say the slightest negative thing about it declaring they don't know anything.   That was a clear signal for me to mine the hell out of it and buy into a bigger position.   

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