Bitcoin Origin: World's first Multi-Fork meets serverless Blockchain

BITCOIN ORIGIN is a platform that uses blocks to solve problems related to direct damage to users, and poorly implemented loyalty programs and increased liability to companies as a result of too many loyalty programs using scores. BITCOIN ORIGIN integrates points into BITCOIN ORIGIN tokens (ORI) and provides users with loyalty programs. For the lowest cost with maximum security. In addition to reliability and low transaction costs, BITCOIN ORIGIN uses block-block technology to eliminate intermediaries, providing users and partners with more sensible results.
Before discussing more about Bitcoin Origin, I'll tell you a bit about what "Hard-Fork" is in the world of cryptocurrency. Hard-fork is a condition when a coin developer of a cryptocurrency agrees to apply a new feature or change to the coin programming system. Hard-fork aims to upgrade the security of the coin network and adapt to the growing number of users. the hard fork case that ever happened was, In 2016 the DAO was hacked on the Ethereum platform, then the ethereum developer team did the hard fork and produced a new Altcoin called Ethereum (ETH) and the old coin called the Ethereum Classic (ETC). another example, by 2017 hard fork is done on the Bitcoin core network that results in Chain splitting and becoming a new Altcoin called Bitcoin Cash (BCH).
BITCOIN ORIGIN is a global and decentralized platform, used to manage cumulative points and loyalty programs. Analyze a large number of different loyalty programs using points, the developer did not find a good application. This leads to direct damage to users, as well as loyalty programs that are not successfully implemented and increased liabilities to the company.
BITCOIN ORIGIN offers a solution to this problem using blocking technology. Due to low transaction costs and high security, BITCOIN ORIGIN converts the score into BITCOIN ORIGIN (ORI) tokens and provides users with loyalty programs.
What are the Features of BITCOIN ORIGIN?
Broadly speaking there are 5 features offered by Bitcoin Origin.
Multi-layered is a feature that allows to perform scale calculations on the comparison of hard-fork.
Users can use their original tokens as cost and reward blocks, each has its own name, its own virtual machine and its own ecosystem supported by Bitcoin Origin.
Bitcoin Origin has developed a token based on ethereum, enabling the ethereum token converter to be native token with a multi-state engine.
Proof Of Ambasador
Community from Bitcoin Origin who holds ORI token share can do Vote. And will campaign and will be rewarded in accordance with the efforts of the campaign.
Serverless Blockchain
With the network technology developed by Bitcoin Origin, all members of the public have the ability to introduce their own serverless blockchain. This blockchain is part of Bitcoin Origin's Network Validators (Ambassadors).
What problems did the project finish?
Below are the problems identified. Increase in corporate liabilities: unused points are recorded as liabilities. As customer points become less used, corporate liabilities become more significant and negatively impact their financial estimates. Poor loyalty program performance: this is due to low use of points, companies can not achieve loyalty program performance, as expected. poor performance such as putting social costs for customers and business
the complexity of the control points: your average is enrolled in 29 different point programs, making it difficult to control points and lead to the fact that the points end. The benefits to be provided by this platform. Both users and businesses can take advantage of the ORIGIN BITCOIN platform. Users can redeem their points for BITCOIN ORIGIN Tokens (ORI) or use their points at Shop Point. Users get access to promotions quickly through an ad channel to access special ads from interested companies
BITCOIN ORIGIN Wallet allows you to simultaneously manage and integrate multiple partners at once. Companies have access to more customers, allowing them to quickly sell their products to pointers. ORIGIN's BITCOIN exchange model helps companies effectively reduce their obligations. Partners can encourage greater loyalty to potential customers by using ORIGIN BITCOIN and Shop Feed.
Tokens BITCOIN ORIGIN is designed as a token-compatible ERC20 on the Astraleum platform and use of blocking technology. The target group BITCOIN ORIGIN is an airline, travel agency, market leader, and online store worldwide. With such benefits, BITCOIN ORIGIN, based on sophisticated, safe and effective blocking technology, will control billions of dollars in global markets.

Tranched Release and Whitelisting
Bitcoin Origin will be released in daily tranches, in a structured manner, to ensure organic growth and prevent whales or large organizations from off-loading ORI tokens on partner exchanges. To claim your Bitcoin Origin Tokens, holders of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin and Dash will need to whitelist using our easy to use claiming tool.
Bitcoin Origin is Self Funded
The experienced Bitcoin Origin founding team truly believes in the project and as such have placed their own capital at stake. Bitcoin Origin has been funded entirely in house thus far and there is no ICO planned for this project.
Jan - Jun 2017
Mining problems arise due to “dirty” power usage, centralization of mining resources, and reduced profitability in PoW * Mining Industry - the Bitcoin Origin idea is born.
Jul - Sep 2017
Gathering of the Bitcoin Origin Team – Developers, Designers, General Managers, Project Managers, PR staff, Support * * Staff and Call Centre Agents.
Oct - Dec 2017
Position Paper Completed
Jan - Mar 2018
Proof of concept for POA infrastructure
Proof of concept for Multichain Applications
Website Completed
Apr - Jun 2018
Whitepaper completed
Partnerships Secured for full security Audit
Community Building
Customer Support Team Setup
Infrastructure Completed and upgraded for Bitcoin Origin Launch
Bounty Campaigns Setup
Prepare for the Launch of the ERC20 token onto multiple exchanges
Multiple Full code Audit on Bitcoin Origin completed (Independent and in-house)
Jul - Sep 2018
Testnet Launch
Full nodes
Full wallets
Lite wallets
Mobile Wallets
Claiming Tools
Bitcoin Origin Fund begins work on Crypto Based Projects
Oct - Dec 2018
Mainnet Launch
Bitcoin Origin Conference
Scalability Improvements
Bitcoin Origin non-profit begins to assess projects
Bitcoin Origin Education Fund begins work on the education platform
Jan - Mar 2019
Community Development Funding Platform – Allowing the community to submit and fund improvement protocols
Community ICO Funding Platform

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