"Streamity" ICO LIVE.

HEllo my friends and subscribers. This article will be about Streamity.

The digital economy in the modern world is developing more and more rapidly and intensively. This is due to the emergence of new digital goods and services provided to the public. One of the main means of calculation when making transactions on the Internet is the crypto currency - digital money of a new generation. Crypto currency makes its owners independent of state bodies, traditional banking system and tax authorities. The exchange of traditional money for digital, as well as one crypto currency for another, is carried out by means of various platforms operating on different, different from each other conditions. Since in many countries the position of crypto-economy is not legislatively approved, some sites try to cash in on their users in unfair ways. Avoid some of the risks offered by the developers of the project Streamity https://streamity.org/. The idea is based on the fact that it is possible to exchange currencies without intermediaries, at once between persons who are interested in this. Transactions will be conducted using the StreamDesk application.

The application guarantees the protection of each participant in the transaction, ensures a quick exchange of the main crypto currency at the rate most appropriate to the average exchange rate at the time of the transaction. The platform has a clear, simple interface, the exchange process is completely transparent and accessible to users. Attractive for ordinary people, as well as for specialists working with crypto-currencies, there will be sections of analytics, educational and investment resources. All this will contribute to the growth of the number of customers of the Streamity site. The team sets a goal to make the crypto community safe and reliable and to benefit customers in the form of savings on the exchange.
Although at the moment the turnover of kriptovalyut is much lower than the volume of trade in traditional money, the pace of development of the digital economy suggests that in a few years kriptonok will reach the same level as the traditional one. This should lead to giving digital money a legal status, and cryptornics - to the leading branches of the modern era. Now is the time to join the cryptomir, not to miss your chance and opportunities.

The second stage of the ICO will begin on April 16, 2018. The STM tokens (standard ERC 20) cost 0.2 USD. During a public sale, buyers will receive a 10% bonus. For calculation, you can use the main crypto currency and fiat money.


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