"TokenUnion" ICO LIVE.

Hello dear friends and guests of my Golos blog. In this article i wanna tell you about Token Union.
Any normal sane person dreams to increase his money. Unfortunately, one of the few adequate options to invest your savings is to take advantage of the bank's services, but here no one can give you a guarantee that your finances will not "fly into the pipe". To achieve a good financial situation, people often forget about the most important thing: about the family, about family and close people. We thought for a long time how simple, working people could improve their welfare, and finally found a solution.

A team of professionals from the California, Columbia and Stanford Universities represents TokenUnion, a platform with a simple, intuitive and user-friendly interface that allows customers to quickly and easily perform transactions and close transactions. Customer funds are under reliable protection, and all transactions are absolutely legal and transparent.

People who are soon considering the option of investing money are often fervently approaching this issue, they want to multiply their savings, but carefully promising the Internet is a very acute issue of trust. The modern market is full of various offers, but in most cases people come across a regular network project that offers them "to buy air" or other questionable schemes for investing finance.

It's not a secret for anyone that this sphere is still poorly understood and therefore, it is very difficult to perceive. People whose activities are closely connected with this direction often face a number of problems:

In the earlier made agreement can be made changes, as a result of which the client can lose all of its investments.
Let's say you managed to earn! And how about "touch"? This can not boast of every service. Plus, it is very common for a similar situation - if the customer wants to withdraw interest, then it is obliged to pay the penalty according to the previously concluded contract.
A huge role in profit making is played by political permanence and market stability, but even if all the rules and norms are observed, no one can guarantee success. A vivid example is the financial crisis that happened 9 years ago.
Here we cited a small part of the problems that society faces every day, but based on this list, it is not difficult to conclude that many have a very deplorable financial situation. The main purpose of the application

TokenUnion - will help people to stabilize their material condition. The technology blockhain is unique in its kind and has a set of innovative solutions that are necessary to achieve the goal.

Opportunities for customers who use TokenUnion:
"Mine" tokens and collect rewards. All operations are performed in an automatic mode.
Customers can exchange currency with other project participants.
Smart-contract, which is guaranteed to lead you to profit.
The project is unique in that each of the participants is on an equal footing. That is, there are no "mentors", "coaches", "coaches" and other "evil spirits", each of you immediately have the opportunity to use all the functionality of the application and for this you will not need to pass quests, take exams or call your friends here !! You can initially build a trusting relationship with each participant. Thanks to the decentralized structure, we distributed the load and if any node fails it will not affect the stability of the application in any way.

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