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Hello friends and subscribers. This article will be about Betex.
Making money every day without working any day may be the goal of many but not for those, who have the passion for the work they do. Driving a taxi or flying a plane, nothing matters if you enjoy what you do in your life. And, making right choices in early stages of our carrier has a lasting impact on our lives. Binary option is a financial instrument used by many of the traders. There is various kind of binary options such as cash or nothing binary option, asset or nothing binary option etc. Depending upon the kind of options being used, different payoffs are given to the side correctly predicting the price.

It has become favourite among many traders but it is also involved in many scams in the world. It is banned in many countries as it is considered another form of gambling. Many illegal activities are believed to be carried using this tactic. Fake investment and multiple dubious scams are being investigated by FBI. The SEC and CFTC have been working against many unregulated markets and brokers, who are nothing but a fraud. Banned in Israel where it is considered to be a form of gambling, it has been in the controversy for many reasons.

The people all over the world need a transparent system of operation as many others. The only option is to trust the people who are assigned the job and that is the biggest problem in the current scenario. As the people have lost trust in the brokers and the traders dealing in these investment operations. So, a platform is required for the purpose of the transparent business involving binary trading.

Solution offered
BETEX has developed the platform for binary trading where the blockchain technology determines the truthfulness of the participants of the platforms. The smart contract-based relationship between the platform and the winners of the outcomes. Those who win in the bet get the 95% of the winning funds and the platform charges its services. A total transparent platform for the trading for the people who believe that they can win.

Traders, brokers and Investors are the key participants on the platform and they get their equal opportunity on the platform. They are developing web-based applications as well as mobile based applications for the traders and brokers. The common pool of funds is being utilised in the distribution of the rewards for the token holders.

They believe that Ethereum blockchain can be the biggest gamechanger for the industry as they are developing their application based on it. Instant pay out to the winners and no amount to be kept in security for investment are only a few of the top features of the platform. They have been developing other features for the future which involves the other trading products in the market. The market for the trading and investment is right for integrating a technological advantage to their side.
BETEX Token and the TEAM

They have decided to bring trust of the people as the main source of motivation for the development of the platform. The Token is the value exchange on the platform and one of the many features of the platform is the instant payment. The token sale starts from 1st March 2018. The team has the right mix of talent and experience which will bring transparency to the market through the application.

Having the financial literacy to act in your benefits helps to secure the financial future of the individuals. People are utilising various investment and trading strategy for the benefit of their wealth. Trading is only of the many ways to earn and it has been since long that people have been doing it in various categories. What is available now is a range of financial products which are on the table for the investors and traders, who have become more strategic and acute in their choices.

BETEX has understood the problems of the current system which puts it at the advantage of creating a solution for the current system. Trust is one of the biggest factors in the transaction and as trust is restored in the minds of the public, they are going to use the platform. They are utilising every opportunity to promote their platform so that people can realise that lost trust is found. I think that people are looking for the transparent and reliable platfrom.

And, the BETEX will have to keep its application trustworthy to continue people trust them. How do you think will happen when the product is launched in the market? Are you ready to bet?


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