Flixxo. Community based video distribution. ICO LIVE.

Flixxo is available to any platform / resource type BitTorrent. By implementing peer-to-peer payments, various content can be stored and distributed from different computers. All relationships within the platform will be built on the basis of smart contracts and all payments will be assessed in Flixx tokens. In fact, Flixxo will present a large information platform, a token, an electronic wallet and a BitTorrent client. Of fundamental importance is the growth of the network, in this case, the connections will be more reliable, and the storage areas will be more.

Times are changing all the time, only managed to get used to one, new solutions and innovations are replacing it. It would seem that the era of social networks has come, so no, it's time for them all to change.
Project Flixxo as no one else understands "where the dog is buried" and what to do about it. Judge for yourself, the technology blocking and, in general, the tendency to change the world around and the relationships within it. likes in classic social networks already do not talk about anything and do not become a guarantee of quality or viral content. Consequently, users do not pay much attention to the blind material and do not seek to create something outstanding for they know that they may not even get a proper assessment.
Flixxo advocates the monetization of actions within the network, but not only does this lead Flixxo to the rank of the first unique attempts to create a distribution network for copyright content.

How to get Flixxo tokens:

Buy in the ICO, which will last more than 9 days.

When the project is available to most users, it will be possible to create useful and attractive content for users, to - receive the likes that are converted into Flixx tokens.

Over time, everyone will be able to buy a token, which will only strengthen its position.

By browsing voluntarily sponsored content to the end, users will also receive Flixx tokens.


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