FLIXXO. New platform for media content. ICO LIVE.

Hello my dear friends, subscribers and guests of my Golos blog. I've repeatedly told you about Flixxo's Fluff and you can read my article on my blog. Today I would like to tell you again about this platform and to give you more details in more detail.

Flixxo presents a new and more effective view on the distribution of video content on the network. It will be a peer-to-peer network built on the use of smart contracts, internal token, BitTorrent client.
How often we want to watch an interesting film, but we can not find it on the Internet. Or, for example, we find, but, in awful quality and watching that it is not so interesting and pleasant. All this is due to the fact that films or other audiovisual content are in unlicensed sources. There is one more, more convenient source - the peer-to-peer network protocol, which was created back in 2003 and is called BitTorrent.

BitTorrent is not only an excellent alternative solution to an outdated technology that uses a single server and several mirrors, but also an effective way to distribute information between users. However, for the operation of the BitTorrent network, users must store the downloaded files on their computers and distribute them. Because content is illegal, users do not want to distribute files, which is bad for the network.

Flixxo integrates BitTorrent and smart contracts and, thus, creates a peer-to-peer network. In this network, authors of different content can independently distribute and monetize it.

On the Internet, the Internet transmits information, including content, through intermediaries. Which, in turn, chooses the creators of the lion's share of earnings. Thanks to the first decentralized network, the authors of Flixxo motivate other users to distribute their content and get rid of unnecessary intermediaries, sharing profits with "speakers." In other words, with those users who uploaded content to their computer and distributed it to other users.

Flixxo is an accessible and convenient network, an intuitive platform. Due to the ability to watch video or attract user's attention to the product through advertising, Flixx is a portable asset and does not require the participation of intermediaries.

October 24, 2017 ICO Flixxo project was released www.flixxo.com - a decentralized platform developed using the Ethereum platform locking technology, which combines the functionality of the torrent, social network, Youtube and crypto-currency wallet.

This project is unique not only for its innovative offer, but also for its incredible success at the ICO. For today the company has collected in one and a half time more than planned. And this is not the limit. Until the end of the ICO 12 days, and Flixxo can surprise us even more.

What is this project that attracted such attention of cryptocity?

Above it was mentioned that Flixxo is a torrent, social network, Youtube and a crypto-currency purse on one platform. What is social network, Youtube and crypto-currency purse everyone knows who has the slightest relation to the world of crypto-currency.

And what is torrent, whose technology has become the basis of Flixxo, we will now consider.

The BitTorrent protocol was developed by the American programmer Bram Cohen, the founder of the company with the same name, which develops and adapts this technology.

BitTorrent is the most popular way to share files, but not the first. Prior to him were eDonkey2000, Kazaa, FastTrack, Freenet, Gnutella, and at that time did a lot of noise file file network Napster.

Flixxo creates a peer-to-peer network in which authors / content owners can distribute and monetize content themselves. They motivate other users to distribute their content and get rid of unnecessary intermediaries, distributing profits with the help of "siders", that is, those users who download content to their computer and pass it on to others.

Flixxo allows real users to enjoy licensed content at an honest price in a comfortable and safe environment.

So, you will distribute the downloaded movie, video and get paid for it. Everything is legal and everyone is happy.

Inside the platform, the service fee will be calculated using Flixx tokens. How can I use Flixx tokens:

  • authors need tokens to create a guarantee of uniqueness of content by blocking a certain amount of tokens for a -
    certain period;
  • users tokens are needed to purchase content;
  • advertisers need tokens to reward users who will be viewing their content;
  • tokens will also serve as collateral in the event of a dispute over ownership and a license for content.

Investing in the system can be very simple. It is enough to go first to the official ICOFlixxo website, wait until the timer expires, and then transfer the air with one of the known purses to the address offered by the system. Instead of this you will receive cryptokens Flixx on the ether-purse.
1 Ethereum - 4000 FLIXX

Distribution of funds:
40% - Marketing and communication
20% - bonuses for original content
20% - development of the platform
15% - covering costs before reaching a sustainable model
5% - legal. costs

Video content today defines the development of many well-known social networks. Flixxo will allow video developers not only to become popular, but also to earn on their own talent. Coupled with all other factors, this advantage makes the platform an excellent place for investment.


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