"Kepler" Next Generation Blockchain Platform For AI & Robotics. ICO LIVE.

At this time, we live in the era of technology, rapidly gaining momentum in this industry. Now the concept of "artificial intelligence" is clear to everyone, innovation in the field of robotics.
Robots - our next leap in the development of mankind. Each designed robot was made for different industries and needs. A lot of work was done, each time improving and correcting the work of the robot. I think with the first robot with which one collided, it would be a robot vacuum cleaner, which caused a storm of emotions. Now this is no surprise. We began to hold various exhibitions in the field of robotics, where robots became similar to us, not far away when we all will face them in everyday life. Also in factories and various enterprises, robotic equipment was introduced, which facilitated the work as a whole and saved labor. Progress in this area is not very simple, which requires a lot of investment.
The Kepler platform is the ideal solution in this field, which will unite all those who are somehow connected with this niche.

Kepler is a global innovative blockbuster platform, its essence is to unite investors, inventors, developers in one place, to promote a common cause. That will allow the developers to realize their ideas in the light and supply the market with ready-made modernized equipment, and investors-profit. The platform will satisfy both parties, which is not unimportant in any project.

The team asked people to support them in their efforts to develop the project. In total, 257 000 000 KEP tokens were created, in which 80% is reserved for investors.
The exact dates for ICO can be viewed on the official website of the company. The team has experience in the field of start-ups, technology, investment and communication. They hope for the positive impact of the project.

I think this project is very promising and it is clearly worthy of attention of many. The development of this industry in robotics is growing at a tremendous rate.
There is not enough money for brilliant inventors to translate their idea into reality. The project will help to unite these two sides, giving the opportunity to develop in this area to inventors and earn investors.

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