Good afternoon, dear investors! Today we have an unusual blockchain project. How often do you go to the movies? Most likely at least once a month. Today the film industry is one of the most profitable and developing spheres in the entertainment industry. Large projects of known fractions like "Avengers" collect more than a billion dollars at a cost of 200-300 million - a good profit for one and a half or two years of production.

However, the problem is different - large studios and corporations like "Disney" are extremely suspicious of young creative directors who want to launch their own projects. Therefore, promising new filmmakers have to shoot films with a small budget, hoping that they will notice the "big bumps" of cinema art. But do many of you have the patience for several years to make films almost for nothing, investing your money and getting nothing in return? The authors of the Russian project MoviesChain want to solve this problem.

Now the film industry is divided into two camps - commercial and independent cinema. The first is created under the patronage of major studios, filmmakers are sometimes forced to sacrifice some ideas or chips of the project because of producers who do not miss many original ideas in theaters. But with such films a huge advertising company, studio support, rolling around the world - in general, the creation of the director can be seen by millions of people on five continents.

The second category is copyright cinema, or as it is often called "art house". Here the director is his own master - he thinks through the idea of the film, the concept, finalizes the script and can do whatever his heart desires. The problem is only one - the budget for such paintings is extremely small, so no normal advertising, no rental, even in large films, directors sometimes do not get. However, such films often win in prestigious awards like "Oscar" or "Golden Globe".

Platform MoviesChain for the first time in the history of world cinema is able to combine these two currents - independent filmmakers with bold ideas will be able to create films with multimillion-dollar budgets, powerful advertising and first-magnitude stars. It seems that this is impossible, but reality proves otherwise. The project MoviesChain has existed since 2009, and for these nine years it has evolved into a well-known unknown development to become a leading company in this field. What contributed to this?

Firstly, the platform acts as a kind of alternative to streaming services like Netflix or Hulu, which is dominated by content that is popular with most of the audience and is not always interesting to view. MoviesChain offers its viewers all the variety of independent movies on various platforms - PCs, iCos, Android and even on "smart" TVs.

Secondly - the service strictly protects copyrights of content producers. Piracy on the Internet is just a scourge of our time, but thanks to the technology of blockchain and reliable protective algorithms, MoviesChain guarantees the preservation of the intellectual content of the filmmakers.

Thirdly, the general benefit. In the film industry there are always 4 sides - directors, viewers, studios and advertisers. And the benefits usually go exclusively to the studio, because it receives 50 percent of all income, while investing just a fifth of this amount. Directors have only 40% of the profit, while they pass through the production hell for a couple of years - the coordination of the plot with the producers, disputes over the budget, and so on.

Viewers can go to a bad movie and spend their money in vain, and advertisers - to place advertising on the site with a film where bad targeting and inappropriate CA. MoviesChain excludes from this equation the studio-producer and everything immediately falls into place. Spectators get a huge choice among the paintings of talented and independent authors, directors - a much larger percentage of profits than in cinemas, and advertisers - a good platform for promotion with a perfectly tuned targeting.

And the plans for the team MoviesChain huge. Already now the site, founded 9 years ago, is the leader of the video market in Russia. Each month, the resource is visited by more than 30 million people, and the annual turnover of the platform in 2017 was $ 10 million. In 2019, after the ICO and the creation of a blockchain platform for the support of independent cinema, MoviesChain is going to get 5% of the world market of the art house - and this is a considerable amount.

ZVR's tokens will be produced by TVzavr, which owns the project MoviesChain. From the standards of various ICO decided not to depart - the token will be made on the ether platform, the standard ERC20. By the way, the company is registered not in Russia, but on the Virgin Islands (Great Britain). Which is quite logical, given today's problems with the legalization of cryptocurrencies and tokens in Russia.
Emission will be very decent even for top-end ICO 100 million tokens. At the same time, about 70 percent of this amount will be sold - again, quite untypically for sales, which usually take place at 50-60% of the coins. Most likely this shows full confidence of the developers in the success of their product on the market, so most of the tokens they are going to put on public sale.
Bonuses are about 2% of all coins issued, but that's unusual - except for the bonus, 5 percent of all tokens are allocated to the "reserve fund" for the secondary program of customer encouragement. MoviesChain takes good care of its customers.
Moreover, the company allows itself to openly state what the money received from investors will go to, exposing a completely transparent budget. According to him, half of the total amount received will go to marketing the project, and only 20 percent - for development. Apparently, the authors of MoviesChain are absolutely confident of success, and care mostly about the correct promotion of their product. On the other hand, developers already have experience in the field, so it's really not worth worrying about.

I immediately caught the eye of the approach of the authors of MoviesChain to their work. They know what they are doing, are well versed in the film industry and its problems and intend to make a quality and serious product. With the sale of tokens, they are also in no hurry - the ICO is scheduled for the second half of 2018, before this time, developers are using their best efforts to promote their platform. And with quite serious results - for half a year before the official sale in the Telegram-channel MoviesChain already more than 2000 people, and the project page is launched even in Chinese WeChat. Undoubtedly, the team has yet to seriously refine its concept, but most importantly, it has already attracted serious investors' attention.

Among the partners of the project, such IT-giants of Russia as Megafon and Yandex, moreover - the representatives of LG, Sony, Sumsung and other large companies showed interest to MoviesChain. Today's situation on the film market is not satisfactory for many - and MoviesChain is really the company that can challenge the entire market due to its original concept and competent team of developers. The company has already released three applications for smartphones, went to the Asian blcocene forum in 2017 and received the highest score from ExpertCoin. Who knows - maybe it's MoviesChain that will make us proud of our cinematography.

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