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Hello my dear friends, subscribers and guests of my media blog Golos. Today i wanna tell you about Peerguess.

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Peerguess is a mobile application for monitoring and forecasting of courses.
The application of Peerguess, in addition to the functions of the usual applications for working with crypto-currencies, will include the function of predicting the cost of crypto-currencies.
The user who installed this application on a mobile device, will leave his opinion about the change in the course for the next
24 hours. The system will analyze the aggregate of user opinions, the real course and historical data. Based on these data, signals will be generated for a more complete and accurate understanding of the moods in the crypto-currency market.
I think it will be quite convenient to have such an analyst at hand. Moreover, the crypto currency is very vulnerable to the influence of world news and trade sentiments. The received signals can be used in their favor when trading with a crypto currency at an exchange or investing for a long time.
In any case, this tool will find its place and will be very much in demand.

The Peerguess project is an application with forecasts for the movement of the ticker ticker currency for a short period of time. In the ecosystem of the platform, the most active role will be played by users themselves, which will allow achieving the best accuracy of forecasts and recommendations.

Every person interested in crypto-currencies is interested in the question: what will the price for crypto-currencies be in the near future. The question is most urgent, because the financial condition of the holders of the crypto-currency depends on it. The majority of the community monitors the courses of Crypto-currency using various applications or sites. All this does not always give answers to the questions: what to buy, and what to sell now. To answer these questions, users resort to various activities. Someone does technical analysis, someone looks at blogs, someone reads forums, someone monitors Twitter, social networks, someone reads trolboxes on stock exchanges, slack and community telegrams. All this takes a huge amount of time. It would be very convenient to have a global tool for monitoring the current exchange rates and the forecast of the exchange rates. This is what the Peerguess team will create, which has already raised nearly $ 1 million in investments for its project.

It is noteworthy that the basic version of the application will be free and available to all users. This will achieve the maximum coverage and rapid expansion of the product to the market. Thanks to the system of bonus incentives for users, extended statistical data will be available, on the basis of which traders will be able to more accurately determine the prospects for changing quotations and market behavior. The very process of interaction with the application interface and incentive system gives an element of gaming, which significantly increases the involvement of users, which in turn increases loyalty to the platform as a whole.

People who grab for the opportunity to participate in the preliminary distribution of tokens are entitled to privileges that involve advantageous conditions when using the application and services of the platform, such as general token distribution, "Recommendations module", Stigmergic Quantitative Data modules.

Also, access to trading in an automatic mode is opened, a chance to get tokens at a lower price is given. It's worth thinking about the latter. Indeed, after the release of this crypto currency at the exchange, it will significantly rise in price. In addition, it is worth noting and bonus points, an advantageous exchange rate.
In addition to the usual functions that help in working with the crypto currency, the application includes an option that helps to determine the coin rate at a certain point in time. Users who have taken care of installing Peerguess on their mobile devices will share their opinion on the change in the value of the crypto currency in the next twenty-four hours. The system is designed to collect information and analyze it. The obtained information will become the basis for the formation of signals that contribute to an accurate and complete understanding of the moods in the market of crypto-currencies. The base version will be able to use all the user. And charging is not provided. Thus, there will be a large audience, and the product will quickly move forward. The proposed bonus incentives encourage users to obtain extended statistical data, so that traders will have an opportunity to more accurately determine the change in quotations. The interaction with the interface somewhat resembles a fascinating computer game. This is another argument for users, suggesting the installation of Peerguess on their gadgets. That is, loyalty to the platform will increase.

The value of the Peerguess token is set at the rate of the GUESS 1250 GUESS / 1 ETH marker. During ICO sales, there will be a discount for early investors. The faster you invest, the higher the discount. ICO will last four weeks. Immediately after the ICO, Peerguess will quickly break the codes for the use of precious stones for all investors, depending on their investment. After the web version is online, all earned gsems will be converted to tokens (to genuine cash) with a conversion rate of 25 pieces for every 1 GUESS marker.

Investments made in the period of ICO, in the future will eliminate the need for viewing advertising.

These advantages will be enjoyed only by the participants of the ICO. Other users are not provided with such conditions.

Ticker token: GUESS
Type of the token: ETHEREUM ERC20
Total supply: 200,000,000
The ICO proposal: 120,000,000
Accepted currencies: ETH, BTC

  • Users who bought tokens will be able to access sections intended for users who enjoy privileges. For the acquisition of Gems, a 50 percent discount from the cost of the AppStore is provided.
  • Every Sunday morning, one hundred Gems will be distributed to those who own the GUESS (for ten thousand of tokens kept for a week).
  • If the user owns thirty-five thousand GUESS, then he is entitled to three hundred and fifty Gems. These levers are designed to increase the market value of tokens when they are sold and bought.
  • The rate of one GUESS is set at twenty cents. However, after the end of the preliminary sale, the rate will inevitably jump.
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