"Red Pills" The currency of Future. ICO LIVE.

RedPill is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency designed to enrich various online communities. Communities can use its tokens to reward participants or gain their loyalty.
The 21st century is characterized by the active introduction of the digital environment into the familiar human life. Many areas of interaction are partially or completely transformed into a virtual plane. This is especially true of financial transactions - cryptocurrencies are firmly entrenched as a means of securing transactions.

Each financial transaction is the transfer of monetary value from one enterprise to another. To verify its validity, you need the means to authorize and confirm the value of the transaction. For cryptocurrency transactions, this is achieved with the help of a blockchain.

RedPill is created on the basis of the blockchain Ethereum, which has already been recognized by millions of people as traditional. At the same time, RedPill users can use some tools and support tools from Ethereum.
RedPill tokens are suitable for organizing "tips" or for encouraging users of any service or product. The project positions itself not just as a cryptocurrency, but rather a community with a common philosophy based on freedom and anonymity of using its own funds.

RedPill is a blockchain based platform based on Ethereum under the management of smart contracts, which provides processing of many financial transactions. All rules for the implementation of cryptocurrency protocols are fully compatible with the framework of smart contracts for Ethereum.

Developers of RedPill have placed special emphasis on security and additional protection against possible attacks by intruders. Each transaction is carefully processed, recorded, stored and distributed as part of the blockchain.

Users independently choose a variant of a purse in which they are going to store their coins. The developers themselves recommend using MyEtherWallet for this as a proven and reliable way. However, in addition to this, it is possible to create a paper wallet as an autonomous storage method.
In addition, users can use the official purse of the Ethereum - Mist, which can be downloaded at GitHub free of charge. Cloud storage not only provides sufficient security, but also guarantees timely updates.

Among the variety of altcoins, RedPill stands out with the following advantages:

  • It is safer than a fiat currency (for example, dollars). Traditional currency does not support digital means of checking information. And the currency on the block is completely transparent and reliably protected.
  • High level of compatibility. Can be used with almost any wallet for Ethereum.
  • Easy to handle. Sending and receiving transactions are easy and fast.
  • RedPill is designed for people who like to create or consume content. With the help of currency you can support your favorite authors or community, or vice versa - viewers, readers, participants.

ICO ends on June 11, 2018.
For sale, there are 50 million RPIL tokens.
The starting price is 1 RPIL = 20 cents.
Soft Cap = $ 500,000
Hard Cap = $ 6,000,000

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