"Shivom" Empowering The Next Era Of Genomics, Blockchain & Precision Medicine. ICO LIVE.

Hello again my dear friends and subscribers. In this article i wanna tell you about one interesting project - Shivom! All because, as I expected, the project is a success, and a lot of eminent investors and foundations took part in this ICO. To be precise, privat sales and presale together brought the project an incredible $ 33.1 million dollars, it's just phenomenal considering that the project kappa was very big in my opinion, I'd like to remind you that the hardcap of the project is $ 35 million, which means that The main sale team left only 5% of the tokens. The main sale will start exactly on the day 03 May and continue until May 10, but I am sure that with such active fees in the previous stages, the Sejl will not be delayed for more than a couple of days, everyone who registered had a great chance to participate.

Deviating slightly aside, such active project collections testify for me not only that the project is good (this is certainly so), but also that the ICO market has revived or "unfolded" as it is customary to say and only positive trends await us.
As for the project itself, I outlined the fundamental and fundamental ideas of the project in my two previous articles, the links to which I will leave below, in the first way, I spoke very well about the project as a big hopeer and after a while we see that I have not lost!

I want to add a few words about the importance of the Shivom project itself, the project that creates a huge database with information about the genome of users built on the basis of blockchain technology. Why is it so important to study the human genome? Hemocode determines the property of cells, in turn, a set of identical cells form a tissue, the totality of tissues form an organ, and the totality of the organs form an organism, for example our body with you. In simple terms, a person is what he is thanks to his genome!

The first decoding of the genome occurred in 2003 and outstanding genetic scientists from all over the world united in one group spent more than 20 years and 3 million dollars on it. With the help of the Shivom project, anyone who wants to be able to find all information about his genome within a very short time and for a small amount of money, just by following this procedure in any branch of the Shivom network convenient for him. Such an extensive database of information on the genome of many people and a deeper understanding of genetic and individual differences will change the views of modern medicine on ways of treating complex diseases and many other things that stand behind physiological and psychological properties of people.

Once again, I advise you to look at the project, despite the fact that there is not much time left to study his whitepaper and draw the necessary conclusions.

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