Hello. Today I want to tell you about such a project as Sidera. First, let's talk a bit about bitkoyne. Satoshi Nakamoto pointed out in the White sheet about a new revolutionary digital currency. It was based on his predecessor Hashcash and the concept of proof-of-work originally proposed by Dwarck and Naor in 1992.
The concept of proof-of-work is the algorithm for protecting distributed systems from abuse (DoS attacks, spam mailings, etc.). The most important problem of Bitcoin is bandwidth. This project will offer a solution, thanks to which a billion users can use crypto currency.

A lot of people do not use crypto currency for the following two reasons:

  • Complexity. Crypto currency is too complicated to understand for the average user. Management of private keys, public keys, the concept of blockchain. Not all people are available.
  • Relevance. To date, the only thing you can buy for crypto currency is other cryptocurrencies. Of course, now they are beginning to accept payment as a cryptocurrency, but these are isolated cases. Therefore, most people have no interest in this.

Sidera will create a platform on the concept of point-of-sale (POS), using smart watches. The network of this project will allow users to buy goods in stores. The incentive to use this network will be in ease of use, namely the convenience of payment through the phone and the simplicity of smart hours. In the graph below, it will be noticeable how the reduction in complexity and the addition of relevance to the crypto currency, influenced the number of people using it.

Sidera focuses on southeast Asia and China. Half of the people from southeast Asia live in Indonesia. In China, more than 700 million Internet users. They have a local team that understands the market of these countries. They will spend the next 2 years to implement their project in stores, shopping centers, cafes, restaurants. At the same time, they will develop in other parts of Asia, in countries such as Korea, India and Japan.

Information on the token:
• The name EQUOS
• ERC-20 platform
• Price 1 EQUOS = 2 $
• Maximum emission of 51 million tokens

Finally I want to note the following features that I liked:

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