"XYO Network" Blockchain just entered the real world. ICO LIVE.

Expansion of digital platforms is dynamic. The market is filled with services that operate on the basis of well-known technologies of blocking, but there are unresolved issues. For example, the problem arises when checking the location of the parties that make up smart contracts, but all this is solved. And the XYO network will help. Developers competently approached the matter, creating a projector that develops a digital ecosystem in a limited period of time, this is a big plus. This is more important than the ethers and bitcoins. Cryptocurrencies continue to be created, there are already many names, this process can be called permanent. They are created for the virtual world, but the XYO network is intended for use both offline and online.

What is the essence of the proposal XYO?
Geolocation is guided by GPS. XYO is a well-known product that has proven its reliability, efficiency and stable positioning. It is possible to develop a product where the information is delivered safely, quickly, and stably. This system perfectly copes with the duties assigned to it, so users can interact seamlessly at any convenient time.

In fact, the functions are double. The main function is geo positioning with high speed, amazing accuracy, but that's not all.
Possibility to get a decentralized platform, which also promises a lot of advantages.
Thanks to this approach, only applications and users will be able to correlate, change data without using intermediaries or third parties, third-party services and organizations. Accordingly, this approach significantly reduces costs.

How will the services be provided?
This question excites many, but everything is relatively simple. The platform is completely digital, and the network is based on technology, advanced development. In the case helps cryptography, which allows to develop different methods of geolocation, so the information is delivered clearly, safely. It follows that a normal failure or a targeted cyber attack is simply excluded. A key role in the development of this network is played by blockade. The created environment is much more interactive, the exchange of information and information feeds the created ecosystem of a digital type. Yes, there are other factors of a technological nature that add to the uniqueness of this network. Correct submission of data, high accuracy - all this creates a virtual panorama, eliminates errors, and the location implies a proper level of uniqueness. Excluded fraud, attempts to hide the location and so on. The database is securely protected. This network is made up of "bridges", they are responsible for the efficiency and accuracy in the transmission of information.

It is worth noting and file storage, that is, technology that provides proper storage and protection. Backup is done in a decentralized manner. And for checking the authenticity of the information that comes in, the oracles answer. Only if there is a consensus is the contract. Yes, geolocation is extremely important, that's why this network was created. As an example, you can provide information about the location of the object, which was implemented through a virtual network. Both parties, the buyer and the seller, will know the location of the order. This is just one of many examples. For example, it will also be possible to contact the auto insurance agencies to identify the location of the car. You can use the system to find the luggage at the airline agency.

There are a lot of situations, the importance of which is higher than simply reducing costs. It is known that the third most common cause of death in the US are banal medical inaccuracies, errors. Where do they come from? They appear because of problems with registration, in work, due to lack of proper interaction with medical products, because of mistakes in medical documents and so on. But if you use XYO associated with such a system, the number of errors due to incorrect entries would be greatly reduced. On this basis, the risks of injury, harm, or even inappropriate operations would be significantly reduced.


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