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Uchit is a platform that allows users to communicate directly, without an intermediary, through a network of blockers. Thus, everyday communication will reach a fundamentally new level. This platform will allow its users to freely find people, exchange text, video and voice messages. This is a decentralized platform, free from the framework and all state interference. Uchit revolutionizes the market and in the near future strives to take a leading position in the communications market around the world.

Early versions of Uchit will support the communication part, later, support will be provided for other tools such as the purchase and sales market, project templates, live programming editors. Users will actively accumulate Uchit for using the network, due to the fact that the community completely controls the platform - the opportunities for growth are endless. Also, in accordance with the requirements of the community, new functions will be added to meet the needs of users.

The platform Uchit was created inspired by the conviction that communication should be decentralized. For maximum security, blocking technology is used, because traditional protocols are very vulnerable to security breaches.

Uchit is suitable for all, ordinary users, professionals, as well as for communication in the business sphere. All tools will be in one place, which is certainly very convenient.
Uchit will help a large number of areas: business, digital art, digital music, traditional music, software development and many others.
The main goal of the developers is fast and most convenient communication between people for all Uchit users.

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