New communication platform UCHIT

I would like to present to you the Uchit-peer-to-peer (P2P) distributed collaboration and communication platform, which was designed to improve and simplify the interaction of people with each other, the audience, the team members. This innovative platform allows direct usage and exchange of information through the network of detachments. Ecosystem Ethereum is used as the main platform for the production of transactions. The presented platform is able to function as an absolutely decentralized exchanger for data and transaction transfers. Distributed networks operate without a single point of failure.
Tokens Uchit - UCHT is the main stimulator for the platform, users are able to sell templates and assets, reply communications and requests to join teams. They will be rewarded every time, with communication and collaboration. The possibility of their acquisition on exchange exchanges is also available, including directly with Ethereum.
Uchit is based on blocking technology and contains all the tools in one place. There are many functions: text, voice, video chat, file sharing, group chat, verbinars, editor for programmers.

Uchit (UCHT) tokens are standardized according to the ERC20 standard, used to promote network power. Users can receive UCHT tokens using the basic functions of the Uchit platform.
The main goal of ICO Uchit is the distribution of UCHT tokens on
market. Developers seek to obtain the necessary funding for
Develop an application and support a standard business function. By contributing, investors purchase tokens that can be used in the Uchit network. The value of tokens can change at any time based on the market value assessment.

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