In the modern world it is impossible to imagine a more important aspect of life than communication. Despite the existence of an uncountable number of applications for communication, maximum comfort in communication between people has not been achieved.

The Uchit platform is a new way of looking at communication. A new, free, decentralized market will revolutionize communication, make it free and more convenient. On the platform with the help of UCHT tokens you can hire people and make different purchases. UCHT can also be accumulated, or it can be rewarded for using the network, the community completely and completely controls the platform, so the possibility of growth is not limited.


This platform is useful for personal use and cooperation, professional use (communication between investors), corporative use by corporations (interaction between employees), programming in online mode and for much more. Uchit will help organize business meetings, hiring professionals, conducting verbinars, it can be applied in almost any industry.

Based on Blockchain technology, this platform contains all the tools in one place (text, voice editors, video chat, trading platform), which will save time for users. In short lines you can find templates or assets, form a team, find the necessary specialists. In the future Uchit will only evolve - will be added many different tools, in accordance with the requirements of users.
The developers are sure that communication should be decentralized and as secure as possible, which will be achieved through the use of Blockchain technology.

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