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Cryptonia Poker ICO

The gambling market is constantly changing. If before, poker was associated more with excitement, then it can be considered as one of the sports. Players constantly train and improve their skills to less rely on luck, and for professionals regularly held tournaments with large prize pools. But with the development of the Internet casinos began to transform their business to new realities, creating special applications and rooms for poker.

The Cryptonia Poker ICO project creates a special platform for poker using blocking technology and crypto currency. The company wants to reduce the speed of payment processing, increase the transparency of the gambling process and solve other problems of the industry. It is important to note that already at this stage the software for poker rooms is fully developed and tested. Right now, users can download the application for Windows, Android or use a browser-based application.

Features Cryptonia
Safety of funds - all money is under the control of clever contracts Cryptonia. Users who win large sums often face unexpected account frosts, unreasonable requests to undergo identity verification and many other requirements. The Cryptonia platform eliminates this problem thanks to smart contracts and crypto-currencies. Fair play. Experts of the game industry and programmers created special algorithms to ensure maximum transparency of all processes. Thanks to the blockbuster Cryptonia will ensure an honest mixing of the deck and really random numbers. The developers also provided an analysis of the game users and the search for scammers. Anonymity of users. When registering on the platform, users enter all the necessary data, and then the account is opened. But I / O is carried out using crypto and smart contracts, which supports the anonymity of the players.

**Advantages over competitors **

The main competitors of Cryptonia Poker are Coin Poker and Virtue Poker. To surpass their opponents, the project decided to develop a web, mobile and desktop applications. It is planned to launch online poker tournaments and distribute to users 35% of the funds earned on the rake. Of the additional games on Cryptonia will be open Chinese poker and backgammon.

Primary launch of poker rooms

The platform will work 24/7 and will offer users a large number of games. Even among poker there will be a variety, including unlimited Texas Hold'em. Initially, Cryptonia will offer users a large range of buy-in (from $ 1 to $ 100). Games with a large threshold for entry ($ 1000 and more) will appear with the development of a strong community and an increase in the demand for similar rates. Basic Details of Cryptonia ICO Token: CPC. Price: 1 ETH = 5800 CPC. Dates: June 1 - July 1, 2018. Soft cap: 90,000,000 CPC. Hard cap: 275,000,000 CPC.

**Use of funds **

Let's look at how the borrowed funds will be used. The project explained the following items of expenditure: 60% - Development, maintenance and development of the platform. The software will be launched immediately after the public offering of coins, but the project needs to rent servers, maintain the functionality of poker rooms, add new functionality. 23% - marketing and advertising, necessary to attract new players and build community Cryptonia. With the growth in the number of active users, the value of the platform will also increase. 15% - a fund for operational expenses, which also includes awards for the project team, advisors, ambassadors and partners. Given the popularity of traditional online poker rooms, as well as the distrust of users to large providers, Cryptonia has a chance to win the trust of users. The transparency of the game process and the honesty of the distribution of prize money are one of the most important moments that users are interested in.



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